How to Fix “Not Registered on Network” Error on Android

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One of the most prevalent errors that show up on Android, most especially on Samsung phones, is the Not Registered on Network error. This error indicates that your SIM card is not able to create a network connection with its network carrier and, due to that, you will not be able to make and receive calls and texts.

Many Android users have reported this issue to the point that they are not able to find a working solution to the issue. Fortunately, since the issue is mostly due to improper network configuration on your device or an outdated Android OS, we’ve been able to put together some proven solutions you can use whenever you get the Not Registered on Network error.

Common Causes of Not Registered on Network Error on Android

For anyone facing this issue, your Android phone will bring up the Not Registered on Network error anytime you attempt to make a call, and your SIM card will become inoperable as long as the problem persists. This problem is typically caused by your SIM card’s failure to connect to the network it uses, which can be brought on by a number of things, including an out-of-date Android OS.

Another factor that may cause this issue on your Android phone is incorrect network configurations on your phone. Apart from that, the issue may arise due to a network outage in your area from your network provider. With all these potential causes of the Not Registered on Network error, we have identified the best solution to help you fix the situation, and we will discuss it below. Let’s first highlight the causes of this error, which were indicated above:

  • Outdated Android OS
  • Wrong network configuration
  • Network outage

Fix Not Registered on Network Error on Android

If you are getting the Not Registered on Network error on your Android phone, here are the best fixes you should try:

1. Check the SIM card and restart your phone 

Whenever you get this error, you should remove your SIM card and check its condition since this problem is caused by the SIM card on your Android phone being unable to establish a connection with its carrier, which may be caused by improperly installing the SIM card or the presence of dirt on your SIM card plate. After pulling out the SIM card, clean it, and insert it back into its position properly. You should then restart your phone, and when it comes back up, the error should have gone.

2. Reset Network Settings

As previously stated, the Not Registered on Network error may be due to the wrong network settings on your phone. In this case, the best solution will be to reset network settings in order to take your network settings back to their normal condition. Here is how to reset network settings in Android:

1. Open Settings on your phone and tap on System.

Reset options

2. Select Reset options.

3. Now click on Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

Reset network settings on Android

4. Select the SIM card you want to reset and tap on Reset Settings.

3. Force Stop and Clear SIM Toolkit Data (For Android)

The SIM Toolkit is a software that is built into your device to make some SIM card features available. It operates more like driver software for your SIM card. The Not Registered on Network error on your Android phone may be as a result of the SIM Toolkit app data being corrupt, just like with any other piece of software. Hence, you’ll follow the steps below to clear the app’s data. Many users have found this solution useful, and you will too. Here’s how to do it:

1. Remove the SIM card from your phone and go to Settings.

2. Search for App Settings through the search box at the top of the Settings page and click on it.

3. After opening the App Settings, navigate to SIM Toolkit on the app list.

Clear SIM Toolkit cache

4. Click on the app and select Storage & cache.

5. Now, clear SIM Toolkit’s data and cache.

6. Then plug in the SIM card and restart your phone.

With this solution, the problem ought to have been solved. However, depending on the phone you are using, the processes we detailed above can be slightly different.

4. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Turning on and off Airplane mode is another ideal solution you have whenever this error appears on your phone. The network on your phone will be refreshed as a result of this action, which could potentially fix the issue. Simply slide down to your control center and tap the airplane icon to activate airplane mode. Tap it once more to deactivate airplane mode after some time has passed.

5. Manually Choose Preferred Network 

Your phone chooses the preferred network automatically, but if you’re getting the Not Registered on Network error, you might need to manually select your preferred network to resolve the problem. Here is how to do it:

1. Open Settings on your phone and click on SIM card and mobile network.

Change SIM card Settings

2. Tap on the SIM card slot you are having issues with and select Choose network.

Choose network on Android

3. Turn off Automatically select network and wait for your network carrier to load. After that, select your network and restart your phone.

6. Change Network Mode

Some users have been able to fix this issue by simply changing the network mode. Hence, you should also try doing it and, hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

1. Go to  Settings on your phone and tap on SIM card and mobile network.

2. Click on the SIM card you are having issues with and tap on the Preferred network type option.

3. Select another network type based on the available service in your area. Better still, you can set the option to Auto.

7. Update Your Phone 

This issue may also be due to the fact that your Android OS is outdated and your phone is malfunctioning as a result of that. In this case, check for updates on your phone and install them if there are any.

1. Open Settings on your phone and select System.

2. Navigate to System update and click on it.

System update

3. Check if any updates are available and install them.

After the update, restart your phone, and the issue should have gone away.

8. Try Another SIM Card

If none of the solutions above work, you might try changing your phone’s SIM card. This will enable you to determine whether the problem is with your phone in general or simply your SIM card. If the new SIM card you tried solves the problem, you may need to get another SIM card or proceed to the next solution.

9. Contact Your Service Provider 

You may need to contact your service provider and inform them of the issue if the problem still exists after attempting all the suggested fixes. They may be able to provide you with some assistance in finding a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Not Registered on Network mean? 

When you get the Not Registered on Network error on your Android phone, it simply means that your SIM card is not able to secure a network connection with its carrier. As a result, you won’t be able to use the SIM card to make or receive calls or send texts. To solve the problem and restore your SIM card to functioning order, use the solutions we’ve covered in this article.

How to fix Not Registered on Network on Samsung?

Even though Samsung users have reported this issue more frequently, other Android phones also experience it in the same manner. If you encounter the Not Registered on Network error on your Samsung phone, you should reset your network settings and check the SIM card’s condition. After this, if the problem still remains, it is likely due to a network outage, for which you may need to wait a while.

Can dirt on my SIM card cause the Not Registeted on Network error?

Android users have fixed the Not Registered on Network error by simply cleaning their SIM cards, as revealed by some of the individuals that faced the issue. This can suggest one of two things: either the SIM card was reset when it was removed, or the problem was caused by prior dirt on the SIM card plate. Thus, we cannot pretty much rule out the likelihood that dirt caused the SIM card error.

Final Words 

There are several ways to solve the Not Registered on Network problem on any Android phone, and we have covered the best ones in this article. However, when a network outage is the cause of the problem, you may just need to wait a little while for the problem to be fixed by your network carrier. If not, the aforementioned remedies will assist you in fixing it.

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