How to generate image from text with PixRay

If you’ve always wanted to illustrate your blog posts with original and unique images without spending hours searching on royalty-free image banks, we have found the ideal tool for you. This is PixRay, a ” artistic image generator » whose particularity is to create almost any illustration you can wish for, simply by submitting a few words to it! Find out how it works in more detail later in this article.

PixRay, to put your words into pictures

PixRay is a small free web app based on an artificial intelligence, of a childish simplicity, which makes it possible to generate random images from keywords provided beforehand. To put it simply, PixRay converts text to image.

No doubt it will find its place among the favorites of bloggers or community managers wishing to make their publications more visual! Artists will also have a perpetual “idea factory” at their fingertips.

The operation of PixRay is very simple. First of all, you will have to fill in a first “Prompts” field with terms, expressions or even simple sentences.

The second “Drawer” field allows you to select the rendering engine, in other words, the “style” of the image between vqgan, vdiff, clipdraw, etc. (do not hesitate to try them, the results can be surprising).

The last field “Settings” allows you to go much further, but requires learning the parameters explained on this page (in English). Among the settings, it is possible to intervene on the final quality of the image, its dimensions, its format (square, wide, etc.), the number of simultaneous iterations, etc.

These last settings can be a bit complex to understand for those who are not used to command lines, but this does not prevent the use and discovery of the software. In fact, the first two fields are enough to bring you into a world of endless possibilities where the imagination will be your only limit!

A free and paid version

PixRay is available for free for a few trials, after which a registration will be required and the billing will be calculated according to the “CPU time” required (calculation time necessary to generate the images) and the power used monthly. This pricing is quite unusual, but knowing that the calculation minute varies between $0.012 and $0.14 and that most of our tests required between 1 and 3 minutes of processing, it is still quite affordable. In any case, we invite you to take advantage of the free trials offered by the tool!

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