How to get backlinks for my new site?

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Start with fundemntal/branded Backlinks.

Create blogs with your company name/website name. Do the same for some profile backlinks



What this does is 2 things.

  1. It stops competitors from doing it themselves, and stealing any potential traffic your brand name might generate.
  2. It helps you rank #1 and get indexed for your brand name just a little bit faster than normal.

If you’re local, setup social media. Pick one platform and focus on that so it’s not overwhelming at first. It’ll help with local SEO, act as a citation, and is a good way to keep your people updated and feeling involved. Local SEO is a slightly different game. You’ll want to focus on setting up your GMB and building citations at first.

If you’re solely online, start with the basics. If you start building thousands of backlinks to your website which is less than 1 week old, Google is going to see that as a red flag lol. Sometimes you won’t have any problems with that, sometimes you will. Google can be unpredictable at times.

(optional): Create a blog surrounding your niche. It’s an amazing way to naturally generate traffic and rank for low competition keywords.

it is okay to buy Backlinks. You just need to know what you’re buying, aswell as the quality. Although Google frowns upon buying Backlinks, which is technically gaming the system, you’ll have no problem with it IF done right. If you buy Backlinks, make sure your Backlink profile is a healthy and natural looking mix of different types of backlinks, not spammy, and not by the thousands at a time.

Contextual Backlinks hold more weight. A Backlink from a blog about your niche, surrounded by LSI keywords, will have more impact in helping you rank for a long tail keyword.

Only focus on long tail keywords in the beginning. Find keywords that are getting 10-500 monthly traffic and is easy to rank for. Those accumulate extremely fast, and are extremely easy to rank for. If you pick a keyword like “top videogames of 2023” you’re most likely not going to rank on the first page anytime soon, not without a lot of money put in, or many many man-hours put in. Instead, focus on something such as “top 10 fantasy action video games of 2023” (shitty example, but nonetheless an example).

Learn: read case studies, watch YouTube videos, maybe even take a free course in your spare time. All the knowledge will accumulate and help you in your SEO endeavors. Don’t make any purchases or SEO moves before you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t hurt to spend a minimum 30 minutes researching what “contextual backlinks” are before you purchase them.

And probably most important in my opinion. There’s no 1 golden egg in SEO. What works for the top blogger, might not work for you or your niche. There are A LOT of SEO myths that are regularly floating around. Make sure to do diligent research, on both sides of the spectrum.

Note : you can build A LOT of backlinks that won’t harm your site completely for free. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars for backlinks (unless they’re not tier 1) At the end of the day it boils down to if you want to spend your money to have it done, or spend your time to do it. I suggest a mix of both. Doing it yourself you’ll get first hand experience and overtime learn the craft.

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