How to get Netflix on Kodi ?

I don’t know if you use Kodi for all things media center at home, but if you do, here’s a Kodi plugin you might like.

This is an unofficial plugin that allows you to enjoy Netflix on your Kodi . This plugin gives you access to all profiles, most used lists like recent releases, Netflix originals, a list of trailers, sync with viewing status (to pick up where you left off), export and synchronization of your Kodi library with Netflix or support for 1080p and 4K resolutions and so on…

To take advantage of this plugin, you will need to have Kodi 19 or higher, the InputStream Adaptive add-on, the Python Pycryptodome lib, the InputStream Helper add-on, the Widevine CDM lib and follow the installation procedure found on this page .

Obviously, we are on an unofficial plugin so expect that it will not work every time. All it takes is for Netflix to change a little thing on its side to break the plugin and you will have to wait for the developers of this plugin to update it.

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