How to identify a species of plant, flower or tree from a photo

Lover of plants or nature in general, you may have already wanted to be able to identify a species of plant that catches your eye. Whether it’s for a project or just out of curiosity and a desire to learn more about the flora around you, it’s possible! Thanks to an online identification tool that uses artificial intelligence. The name of this tool is simply WhatisthePlant .

Whatistheplant, a project bringing together several plant specialists

WhatisthePlant is a project put together by the amazing team at iNaturalist. It is both a citizen science project and an online social network. It brings together naturalists, citizen scientists and also biologists. The objective of this team was to develop a concept for mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity around the world.

To do this, this iNaturalist team trained machine learning models that can identify a plant from a photo . And the identification process is constantly evolving as the results are based on CNN technology related to deep learning and the collection of more than one hundred thousand photos of plants.

Whatistheplante: a free online tool to identify a plant from a photo

How to use Whatistheplant to identify a plant?

To use this online tool , you first need to go to the Whatistheplant website . You will then only have to upload the photo of the plant to obtain all the related information in a few seconds.

The scanning and recognition process is very fast . In addition to analyzing the image of the plant, Whatistheplant will refer you to several possible results. The information provided by the site will be very reliable as it is based on reliable sources such as the World Farmers Organization (WFO), the POWO online database and Wikipedia.

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Identify a plant species

In short, Whatistheplant is a very effective tool for identifying a plant. It will allow you to easily identify more than 10,000 species of plants . It’s the perfect online tool to learn more about plants. It allows you to have the opinion of a plant and/or gardening expert at your fingertips anywhere and anytime.

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