How to improve control over your privacy

As you know, we are, by our activities or by principle, a community concerned about our relative anonymity on the Web.
Our best weapon to avoid privacy breaches and ensure our security on the Internet is our common sense, but it is not useless to resort to relatively simple tools or settings.
Totally preserving your privacy and security on the Internet is a difficult goal to achieve, but after reading and performing a few manipulations and installing extensions, you might think that everything will be better.

1- Keep control of your privacy on Windows: it is of course possible to go through the Windows privacy settings but rare are the users who do so for fear, often, of doing something stupid
There is an online alternative by logging in to your Microsoft account, you’ll be surprised how much information is stored!
Privacy settings

2- Browser extensions
On this page, you will find links to tools to improve control of your privacy on the Internet.

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