How to improve your photos on social networks with photoshop 2022

In this video we will learn how to improve your photos on social networks with photoshop 2022 –

When you take pictures with Photoshop Camera, intelligent lenses automatically recognize elements in the scene and apply live effects while you’re taking the photos. You can also apply the same effects later to photos you’ve already taken, or images you import into the app.

Use the camera app

Photoshop Camera will automatically set the focus and exposure. If you want to manually do this, tap on an area in the scene to set the focus and initial exposure, and then drag on the exposure slider to lighten or darken the scene. Tap the More menu (three dots at the top) to see controls for the aspect ratio, the flash, and the app settings.

Tap the Lenses icon (three stars) in the lower left to open the Lens Carousel. Each lens offers creative effects for different types of scenes. 

  • When a portrait or landscape scene is detected, the recommended lenses for those subjects display a blue badge.
  • Swipe left or right on the screen to see the different variations a lens offers.
  • Lens effects are previewed live as you compose your photo.

Download new lenses from the Lens Library

Tap the Add More button at the end of the Lens Carousel to view the Lens Library. You can also access this by tapping the globe icon in the upper left when in the camera mode. Lenses are free to download, and new ones are added all the time. When a new lens is available a blue dot will appear next to the globe icon. 

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Use the Lens Properties and Global Properties to modify the image

Lens Properties let you customize the effect of a lens on your image. When you’re viewing an image that has a lens applied, tap the icon for that lens to view its Lens Properties. You can change the properties to get the look you want. 

  • Each lens has its own properties.
  • Global Properties include common adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and saturation that affect the entire photo.
  • Move tool icon means that elements can be scaled or moved with a two-finger gesture.
  • A video Play icon allows you to stop or play an animation effect.

Share and export your photos

  • When you choose to share or export a photo, you are given the opportunity to apply a crop to the exported image. 
  • Photos can be shared directly from the app to common social media destinations, such as Facebook, Instagram, or text messages.  You can also save a photo to the Lightroom ecosystem, and if you tap the More options icon you can select other apps or destinations. 
  • If an animation effect is turned on for a photo, it will be exported as a “motion still,” a short video clip that includes the video animation as well as the still photo. 
  • Saving to your Camera Roll will remove the image from the Photoshop Camera app and save both the original photo and the version with the creative effects to your device.

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