How to install IPTVnator – An open-source video player to watch your favorite IPTV channels

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Do you enjoy the freedom that IPTV provides, allowing you to watch television channels without constraints? Well, you’ll love IPTVnator, an open-source video player that supports playlists (m3u, m3u8) either by uploading them directly or via a URL, which allows for a beautiful list of TV channels to watch.

IPTVnator supports EPG, which is an XML format for TV programs and allows for searching TV channels or browsing them by “group.” Obviously, when you like a channel, you can mark it as a favorite and watch the video stream directly through IPTVnator’s player.


IPTVnator is available as a web application based on Electron and Angular that you can deploy on your own local machine or use directly here. You can even install it on Linux using the snap command:

sudo snap install iptvnator

As you may have guessed, it is only an empty shell that does not provide any IPTV video content. For that, you will surely know better than me where to find those TV channel lists. But if you don’t know where to find these IPTV playlist, know that there is a repository of IPTV playlists here.”

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