How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook

How To Know If Someone Unfollowed You On Facebook

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This guide is focused on teaching you how to identify if someone has unfollowed you on Facebook in 2023.

If you’re tired of seeing unnecessary posts and irrelevant content on your Facebook newsfeed, you may decide to unfollow a person on Facebook. However, it’s possible that someone might do the same to you. In such cases, how can you tell if someone has unfollowed you on Facebook?

Unfortunately, Facebook won’t notify you when someone unfollows you for privacy and security reasons. Nonetheless, there are still some signs to look out for that can indicate whether someone has unfollowed you or not.

Knowing who unfollowed you on Facebook can help you make quick decisions. You may opt to unfollow them too, or you can analyze why they unfollowed you and work towards improving your content in the future.

If you’re an influencer or a businessperson, it’s advisable to keep track of who unfollowed you as it can help you identify and address issues before they escalate.

This guide provides different methods to help you determine if someone has unfollowed you on Facebook.

Unfollow vs Unfriend vs Block

Before we begin, let’s talk about the differences between unfollowing, unfriending, and blocking Someone on Facebook so that you won’t confuse them with each other.

If you unfriend Someone on Facebook, you will completely disconnect yourself from that person. They will not see any of your private posts and information.

However, they can still search your Facebook Profile and see all the public information and posts about you. It is also relatively simple to know if Someone Unfriends you on Facebook.

Note: If you don’t want anyone other than your friends to know about you, you can make your Facebook account private or hide your FB Profile. You can also choose to lock your Profile if you want.

Blocking someone is an extreme last measure. When you block someone on Facebook, you stop them from seeing everything about you.

They can no longer message you, see any of your posts and information, can’t send you friend requests, and won’t find you even after searching your account. Though there is no direct way, you can also find out if someone blocks you on Facebook easily.

In comparison, unfollowing someone on Facebook is a soft method. When someone unfollows you on Facebook, all they are trying to do is to restrict your Facebook posts from appearing in their timeline.

They will still be your friend and can interact with or message you at any other time. You will only notice that they no longer like or comment on your Facebook posts.

Since unfollowing someone on Facebook isn’t a drastic choice, and you can refollow them at any time without notifying others, finding who unfollowed you is a little complicated.

What Happens When Someone Unfollows you on Facebook?

People who unfollow you on Facebook will no longer see your posts on their newsfeed. However, they will still be your friend and can refollow you again without notifying you.

You will also notice that such a person no longer likes and comments on your posts. Additionally, if many people are unfollowing, you will see a sharp drop in your post’s interactions.

Someone unfollowing you on Facebook may indicate your degrading and useless content. Hence, it is a good idea to point out that issue and solve it in its cradle.

However, if you have fewer followers and someone is unfollowing you without any reason, then you can also unfollow them.

How do you Know if Someone Unfollowed you on Facebook?

As we know, there isn’t a direct way of finding out if someone unfollowed you on Facebook. You will also get no notification due to privacy reasons.

Hence, there are two options left for us to know about it. You can either manually check it on your account or use a third-party browser extension.

Manually checking is only possible if you have few friends and followers and there aren’t many people unfollowing you at once.

If this is not possible, you can use a browser extension on your PC to quickly find the list of people who unfollowed you on Facebook.

Method 1: Check Manually to Know who Unfollowed you on Facebook

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone unfollowed you on Facebook is to check it manually.

This method is helpful if you have a small number of followers and suspect some person. You must be sure they followed you before for this method to work.

Furthermore, as we know, when you accept the friend request of someone, they become both followers and friends with you. But Facebook won’t count them as followers or show them on the follower list.

Hence, this method is valid only when trying to know about your pure followers (not friends). When your FB Profile is in Professional mode, or you didn’t accept someone’s Friend request, they will be your followers on Facebook.

Here is how you can know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook from a Mobile Phone and a PC.

Check Manually from your Smartphone

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find out who unfollowed you from Facebook or Facebook lite app.

1. To begin, launch the Facebook application on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device and sign in to your account.

Next, go to your FB Profile by tapping the hamburger menu and then your username from the top.

2. Once in your Profile, you can select “Followed by (any no.) person” in your about section to see the list of followers on your FB account. For example, tap “Followed by 1 person” in your Facebook Profile.

You can also tap the “…see your about info” option and scroll down to the “Following” section to see your followers.

See you About info

3. Now, you need to manually look at the username of the person you suspect. If you can’t find the name but are sure that it was in your followers’ list before, then they have unfollowed you.

Please, remember that this method is not foolproof. Sometimes, if people’s account is deleted, deactivated, or suspended, then you also won’t see them on your followers list.

Therefore, we suggest you conclude your suspicion only after eliminating other variables. It is also a great idea to use this method for your improvement rather than trying to get back at someone.

Additionally, since your friends aren’t on this followers list, you will be unable to know if they have unfollowed you.

In such cases, all you can do is to find out if they are liking or commenting on your new posts just like they did before. You can suspect them but can’t confirm it due to privacy reasons.

Check Manually from a PC (Windows or PC)

You can refer to the process below in case you want to see who unfollowed you on Facebook using a computer or laptop.

1. First, open the Facebook website on your desktop web browser and go to your Profile.

To access your FB Profile, you can click your username directly below the “Home” option on the left panel of your homepage.

Facebook username

2. After coming to your FB Profile, scroll down to the Intro section right below the navigation menu. You will now see the “Followed by .. person” option along with your bio and location.

Click on it to access all the followers on your Facebook Profile.

View followers list to know who unfollowed on Facebook

3. Now, you can check the FB username of the person you suspect on this list. If you are unable to find them and are sure that they were your followers before, then they have unfollowed you.

However, don’t forget to eliminate other chances like deleting, deactivating the account, blocking you on Facebook, etc., before confirming your suspicion.

Method 2: Use Browser Extension to Know if Someone Unfollowed You

Another method to know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook is to use a third-party browser extension. This option is useful in case you have a large number of followers, and you can’t check them manually.

Please remember that Facebook discourages the use of third-party software for privacy concerns. We also won’t suggest using such tools without reading their privacy protection rules and without knowing what data they are collecting.

If you are not up to monitoring every one of your followers and wants to do it quickly with a single click, then try a browser extension.

One such extension that lets you do this is “Who deleted me.” This extension works on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on.

What this extension does is it records all the friends on your Facebook account. Now, when you recheck through this extension, it will tell you who unfriended you, deleted or deactivated their account, etc.

Again, it won’t directly tells you who unfollowed you on Facebook. However, you can easily compare and know about your followers on your FB account with this extension.

Disclaimer: This kind of extension requires you to give all access to your connection on Facebook. So, only use this if you trust such an extension and be careful of breaches of data.


What should I do if I know someone unfollowed me on Facebook?

If you find out that someone unfollowed you on Facebook, then we suggest you search for the reason why they unfollowed you. In case it is due to a misunderstanding, you can clear it directly with your friends. If it is due to low-quality content, then you can improve it according to the taste of your followers.

However, if they are unfollowing you just because they want to, then you can also unfollow them to get back at them.

How to prevent people from unfollowing you on Facebook?

Most of the time, people unfollow you due to your improper or low-quality content. So, to prevent them from unfollowing you in the future, you can improve your FB content according to time and your follower’s needs. Try surveying your followers and reviewing your account from time to time to minimize this issue.

Can I send a message to someone who has unfollowed me on Facebook?

Yes, you can if that person has unfollowed you but is still friends with you on Facebook. However, if someone was only a follower (not a friend) before unfollowing you, you cannot message them from your account.
You can still send a message request to that person if you want. They may replay your request depending on your messages.

Final Thought

To sum up, it can be challenging to determine if someone has unfollowed you on Facebook unless you regularly keep track of your followers. This can be difficult, especially if you have a large number of followers. However, a browser extension can help you identify who has unfollowed you on Facebook, and this information can be useful for improving your account. We hope that this guide has been informative, and we will continue to update it with any new methods that may be useful for addressing this issue.