How to make money on TikTok

The app has achieved a remarkable growth of about 50% compared to 2019, when the number of users reached 508 million active users, while the number increased to 689 million in 2020, and it is the first non-branded Meta app to reach 3 billion installs as of June 2021.

Tik Tok has become available in more than 153 countries around the world and is available in 75 different languages, and the user opens it more than 6 times a day, and in the United States alone it is used by more than 130 million followers per month, and through it, it can make millions of dollars annually.

So it can be said that Tik Tok has become one of the largest social networks in the world and the most competitive with FacebookInstagram and others. This raises many questions about how to make money on TikTok and ways to make the best use of it when promoting brands and increasing sales.

How to Make Money on TikTok

With the unprecedented increase in the number of users of the Tik Tok application, many have resorted to making money through this popular program, as it has become a part- or full-time job for some users who have succeeded in achieving their financial goals through it.

Especially that making money on TikTok does not require a lot of creativity, and the majority of the strategies for making money from the application look familiar and somewhat similar to other social networking strategies such as YouTube. The following are the most prominent and most popular ways to make money on TikTok among users:

coin collecting

If you have a TikTok account, you can make money by playing live broadcasts to talk about a specific topic that interests your followers. But how do you get the money here? Well, Tik Tok users can buy so-called coins starting at $1.39 per 100 pieces, and when they find their favorite content in a live stream, they can send these coins to the broadcaster in recognition of his efforts in creating and creating the content.

The content creator can then convert TikTok coins into diamonds and then cash that can be obtained using electronic payment services supported by the program such as PayPal. So you will need to build a solid account with creative videos to be able to monetize this way. If you want to withdraw your earnings, your balance must not be less than $100, and Tik Tok allows content creators to withdraw about $1,000 per week.

In the Chinese version of Tik Tok known as “Douyin”, content makers can promote the products they sell by adding a shopping cart, and allow an auction to buy products with followers during the live broadcast. It is expected that this feature will include all Tik Tok accounts in the future around the world.

Be one of the influencers

Why not seriously consider being one of the active influencers on Tik Tok, it is not impossible but it takes some hard work to build a loyal audience and interact with your videos, and then you can conclude protocols and partnerships with many brands that seek to connect with your audience.

It is not required to have millions of followers, this profitable strategy may start when your audience reaches more than 5 thousand loyal followers, because there are brands that prefer to work with influencers who only have thousands of followers, as long as they have the characteristics of the target audience.

Therefore, you can collaborate with local or small brands to build your identity and gain more experience. At first you will be paid modestly and it will increase over time, especially after connecting with the big brands in your country or in another country. All options are open to you and all you want is a strategic plan and achievable and measurable smart goals to be a successful influencer.

Thus, you become a professional in the field of influencer marketing, which aims to promote brands or sell products and services by collaborating with influencer content creators through social networks such as Tik Tok, to be the link between brands and potential customers, to achieve certain goals, such as: New customers, increased conversions, or increased brand awareness, and this requires familiarity with the basics of influencer marketing on Tik Tok.

Influencer account management

Once you become a Tik Tok professional and possess effective negotiation and communication skills, you can make money on TikTok by managing influencer campaigns, as there are many who have the ability to persuade influencers on this app to promote brands, thus playing the role of mediator between organizations and influencers and manage their campaigns for an agreed-upon commission or fee.

The Tik Tok application also gives you influential and active agencies, such as those applied to the social networking site “Instagram”. Knowing that TikTok has an in-house agency program that allows brands to access influencers that are right for them. And it gives the ability to create an online company to manage famous TikTokkers accounts, especially since some of the big influencers can’t respond to followers’ inquiries and comments, and they don’t have plans to maintain their audience and gain new followers.

Building and selling accounts

Growing and selling accounts is one of the most popular ways to make money on TikTok among users. Simply download Tik Tok and create accounts on it and then go ahead to pump out engaging entertainment content or make personalized videos with specific interests for specific audiences. You do not have to have products to promote, but it is possible to contact brands with the same interests, to sell these accounts after growing them and increasing their followers. This method makes it easier for companies to sell their products and services to potential customers through Tik Tok.

There are many organizations that want to market through Tik Tok to increase awareness of their brand or expand their customer base through the application, but they do not have enough time to set up a strong account through the application, which makes them resort to freelancers who are able to create and grow accounts quickly and then sell them, but they must The brand never stops creating the same quality of content that followers prefer to maintain, and this calls for developing an effective content strategy and interacting with the audience regularly.

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Support other accounts

One of the earn strategies from Tik Tok is to provide support, management and marketing services for the accounts of creators on the application. Many content creators on Tik Tok have millions of followers, which represents a great wealth for them that should be preserved by providing support and assistance to the owners of these accounts. They may need to come up with a marketing plan to increase their Tik Tok followers or offer creative strategies to create engaging visual content. So, you can offer these services if you have storytelling and content marketing skills.

There is no objection to making money through Tik Tok by providing consulting services to content creators, especially since many of the content creators through Tik Tok are looking to cooperate with experienced people to get more views. For example, you might have the skill and ability to help a TikTok user get 200,000 actual views from a single video, so why not invest that skill in making money? There is an increasing demand for advisory service providers to build brands through Tik Tok and take advantage of all the features that it provides.

Terms of Make Money on TikTok

There are many conditions that must be observed in order to activate the make money on TikTok, as the platform requires that the person be at least 18 years old to use the application and benefit from its services without the consent of the parents or legal guardian.

The videos must be creative and of your own design, it is possible to join the TikTok Creator Fund program which gives users a great opportunity to earn money through their creative talents.

In order to join this program, you must meet some criteria and conditions: it is necessary that the creator have achieved 100,000 original views of his videos within 30 days, that he is a resident of Spain, Italy, France, Germany or the United Kingdom, and that he has 10 accounts on his account. Thousands of real followers, as well as his audience sharing original videos in compliance with TikTok guidelines, as well as agreeing to the TikTok Creator Fund Agreement.

How to create a sponsored advertisement on TikTok

The Tik Tok application has become suitable for launching advertising campaigns in several areas, especially as it has surpassed Snapchat and Twitter in terms of popularity and spread, and has superior capabilities that can be invested in the world of digital marketing. Major brands such as Grubhub and Nike launch their visual ad campaigns.

Before thinking about launching your promotional campaign on Tik Tok, you should take into account your target audience and the expected budget for advertising, as it is the most appropriate option if your audience is a youth segment, because more than 65% of its users do not exceed the age of 30. Also, an in-app advertising campaign requires a budget of at least $500, so it may not be suitable if you want to set up low-cost advertising campaigns. But how do you launch a promotional campaign on Tik Tok?

First Step: Create an account on TikTok Ads Manager

First of all, you have to create an account on Tik Tok Ads Manager by entering the following link, then pressing Start Now to enter some basic information such as: email, password, phone number and verification code sent to the email or phone, and do not forget to agree Click on the Terms of Service, then click Sign Up.

Next, you will start setting up your ads account by adding your country, type of industry or industry, business name, time zone, TikTok email, and the type of currency you prefer to use, then choose to agree to the TikTok Business Terms of Service and Terms Advertising and payment on the application.

After filling in this data, you will be asked to write a description of your activity and enter the URL of your company, online store or specific Google Play application, and then add basic billing information, such as billing address and preferred payment method.

Step 2: Create the advertising campaign

From the Campaign tab, click Create, then choose the appropriate ad manager mode for your needs. Tik Tok offers two different experiences for launching ad campaigns, the Simplified Mode that enables you to manage campaigns in less time.

And the Custom Mode that gives you the perfect control experience for all your goals.

Step Three: Define Your Advertising Objective

Once you choose the most appropriate mode, you have to determine your goal from the promotional advertisement, as the Tik Tok application provides several goals that can be chosen one of them, which is to reach the target audience or increase traffic to your site to enhance awareness of your brand or install a specific application on smartphones or achieve more From video views, lead collection or conversion rate increase, then you have to assign a name to the ad campaign and decide if you want A/B tests on separate audiences to improve your campaign, then press Continue.

Step Four: Define the target audience

This step is one of the most important steps that must be carefully defined in order for your ad to succeed. Therefore, you must know the personality of the buyer and understand the characteristics of your customers well before starting to create the advertising campaign, and the Tik Tok system allows targeting the audience automatically or customizing the audience based on their interests and how they interact with videos and according to their demographic characteristics such as gender, age and target language, and then determine where the ads will appear, Do you want it to appear on TikTok only or do you want it to appear on Pangle and News Feed App Series as well.

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When creating the ad group, you must specify where it will appear, either by choosing the automatic placement to make Tik Tok automatically choose the places to display and provide the best results, in addition to optimizing the display of ads in different places, or choosing the exact placement to customize the places to appear manually.

You can also activate the “User Comment” feature so that followers can comment on your ads, and activate “Video Download” to allow your ads to be downloaded to users’ devices if they wish.

Step Five: Determine the budget

Now, set the appropriate budget for your advertising campaign based on your goals, as the Tik Tok application offers you two options: the daily budget and the permanent budget throughout the campaign period, and in both cases the cost you spend on the campaign or advertising should not be less than $20, then select the appropriate time period for your campaign Promotional campaigns, by setting the campaign launch date and end time, and Tik Tok also allows setting certain periods of time to activate ads during the specified times instead of activating them over the 24 hours.

Step Six: Launch the Promo

After you have defined the goal, audience and budget, you will be able to create your first ad, in this step you can publish your ad using your account via Tik Tok or using your TikTok Ads Manager account, and here you have to upload the videos you want in the ad, as the program allows adding 20 Video clip max.

It is imperative that the videos are supported in mp4, avi, mov or gif formats and the file size is not more than 500MB. The Tik Tok application also allows uploading a group of photos and converting it into a video clip, in addition to the ability to preview before sharing the advertisement, then press Submit.

Step Seven: Evaluate and Improve

TikTok provides a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics, and sub-metrics to track the goals of ads and their success, such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), click-through rate (CTR), and number of times Impressions, Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Visitors Percentage (CVR), Average Cost to reach 1000 Unique Users, Reach Rate, Conversions, Impressions, Clicks, Video Views, Engagement Size, etc.

These metrics help you evaluate and improve your campaign to achieve the best results, but how do you do that? Well, there are 3 goals of the optimization process that you can choose the right one based on your desired goals: Reach, Click, and Conversion. If the optimization target is the performance indicator will be cost per click (CPC) ..etc.

And if you aspire to launch advertising campaigns through Tik Tok to promote your startup or your brand and are looking to sell more of your services or products, or you want to get some marketing advice related to the application, you can use the Tik Tok marketing services provided by the Khamsat platform and include a group of E-marketers who have sufficient skill and experience in Tik Tok marketing.

Types of ads on Tik Tok

The Tik Tok application has made a quantum leap in the e-marketing market, especially as it provides a number of advertising formats that can be chosen from in line with the marketing objectives, and through which you can reach your potential or existing customers and communicate with them effectively.

Statistics indicate that more than 71% of users see Tik Tok ads as more inspirational, and the majority of them say that TikTok ads are a source of fun, and the following are the most prominent types of ads that make money on Tik Tok:

1- Challenge hashtag ads

TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads play a pivotal role in encouraging the target audience to engage and engage with the content. Advertising involves urging users to perform specific behavior consistent with the product along with the use of a specific hashtag by the brand, possibly leading potential customers to a page The intended landing on TikTok to take a specific action, and all the videos that users have shared while interacting with the campaign can be found through the hashtag page on TikTok.

TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge ads (HTC) help turn advertising viral, especially if they meet the target audience’s desires to express what they are inside and transform consumers into marketers of the product or brand. Hence, it helps build a loyal customer base, generate new customers, and enhance the audience’s relationship with the brand.

2- Brand Effects Ads

Similar to TikTok’s Branded Hashtag ads, Branded Effects ads increase consumers’ engagement with content, especially as they express themselves with brand-related stickers, filters, and effects that are included in their videos, increasing the odds of their engagement with others. Therefore, it is possible to combine brand influence ads with challenging hashtags to get the most out of the advertising campaign.

These effects range from interactive effects to AR content, where the user can show themselves among the dinosaurs, show in the background some spacecraft flying in the sky, or make sharks swim in the living room while viewing the visual content. Effects include trying on makeup, wearing hats and including motorcycles in the video, helping to bring user-generated videos to life.

3- Top View Tik Tok Ads

If your goal is to reach the largest number of the target audience, then Top View ads are a great option for this, they are attractive video ads that appear at the top of the “For You” feed once users log in through Tik Tok, and through which you can add a video With a duration of up to 60 seconds, the video is visually displayed in full screen after it plays automatically, which contributes to building brand awareness.

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More than 70% of Tik Tok users prefer to watch Top View ads than others, and this type ranks first in the list of different ad formats in terms of features and characteristics such as: credibility, increased interest and willingness to interact, according to a study conducted by the specialized British Kantar Foundation. In data analysis and brand consulting, during the period from September 2020 to January 2021, 25,000 users of the Tik Tok application from 20 countries worldwide participated in it.

4- In-feed video ads

In-feed video ads are one of the most common types on the Tik Tok application, as they are displayed on the “For You” page, which entered the news feed browsed by Tik Tok pioneers, and customers can interact with these ads by sharing, liking and commenting. It’s similar to YouTube’s in-feed video ads, which appear alongside related videos or in searches across the social network itself.

But the video advertisement in the feed on Tik Tok is up to a maximum of 16 seconds, and the video resolution is preferable to be 720×1280 pixels, 640×640 pixels or 1280×720 pixels. They often support motivational phrases or include a call to action, and this type of ad includes an image of the ad display and the name of the brand or product, along with a description of the ad in around 100 characters.

5- Brand acquisition ads

They are called brand takeover ads, because this advertising style allows the brand to show a certain message on the screen and take it completely for a few seconds and then turn into an in-feed video ad. This type can be used to promote in-app landing pages or Outside of it to increase brand awareness and lead generation or drive conversions and sales growth, it makes a huge impact on users and delivers effective performance because it is clickable right out of the screen.

Effective tips for marketing and make money on tiktok

1- Be friendly with your followers

It is important to interact with your customers and audience through Tik Tok, by responding to their inquiries and comments with the need to be friendly with them, in addition to knowing their needs and requirements to create content that suits their aspirations, this method will increase the feeling of appreciation and respect in your audience, and may generate more trusted and loyal customers for your brand, which generates more profits. If you have a bad reputation and ignore your audience, your plan won’t make money.

2- Be honest with your audience

Certainly, credibility is one of the important factors that affect your online brand, as statistics indicate that 90% of users believe that the credibility factor is critical to determining the brands they prefer online, in contrast, 79% of consumers said that the content It greatly influences their buying decisions, therefore, you have to be honest with your followers on TikTok to ensure that you keep them instead of losing them.

3- Include hashtags in your posts

Creating hashtags is very important when sharing videos with your followers, as it helps you reach the largest number of audience, especially as it makes it easier to find your videos. Let’s say you are promoting a training course on the basics of digital marketing, you may use hashtags such as #digitalmarketing or #marketing through tiktok. .etc. So that the tags are relevant to the content you provide.

4- Address a specific audience

If you want to succeed and make money on TikTok, it is necessary to carefully define your audience and understand its characteristics, as this will help you strengthen your position through Tik Tok, and give you the ability to create content tailored to your audience.

5- Increase Tik Tok Followers

It is important to encourage users to follow your account during the creation of visual content, and there are automation applications that help you get more followers, especially as they encourage users to visit your profile, most notably the Stim Social application, which provides powerful plans to increase followers.

6- Use the Tik Tok invite code

The invitation code helps you add some money to your account balance, by sending your invitation link to your friends and colleagues to download and use the Tik Tok application. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on TikTok.

If you are looking to build a strong brand through Tik Tok, you can add your company and product or partner links by sharing visual content on your account. This is an effective strategy to sell your products or promote the services of others and get a commission for it.

One of the important tips to increase your audience through Tik Tok, is to link your account in the application with your accounts on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or promote Tik Tok videos on it. This increases users’ access to your account. Hence, increasing views, followers and make money on TikTok.

With this, we have gone through in detail the practical steps necessary to take advantage of this leading marketing channel to earn profits, and do not forget that starting and make money on TikTok marketing will provide you with an excellent position, which will test its benefits in the future in light of the rapid rise of this marketing channel and its competition for traditional social media platforms.

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