How To Open Outlook In Safe Mode In Windows 11

How To Open Outlook In Safe Mode In Windows 11

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This guide will show you how to open Outlook in safe mode on a Windows 11 PC. Although Microsoft’s email client, Outlook, is typically intuitive and efficient, sometimes you may need to access it in safe mode for various reasons. When you encounter startup issues preventing you from opening Outlook through normal means, the first step is to configure it to open in safe mode. Fortunately, there are several simple methods available, similar to those used in previous versions of Windows. Before delving into these methods, it’s essential to understand what safe mode is and how you can boot into safe mode in Windows 11 to troubleshoot issues with your PC.

What Is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system, such as Windows 11, that starts the system with a limited set of drivers and services. When a computer is started in Safe Mode, only essential system files and drivers are loaded, which can help troubleshoot problems with the operating system or applications. Safe Mode is typically used when a system is experiencing issues such as crashes, freezes, or other startup problems, as it allows the user to isolate the issue and attempt to resolve it without interference from non-essential drivers or software.

How To Open Outlook In Safe Mode In Windows 11

This article provides five different methods to open Outlook in safe mode on Windows 11. Outlook has several add-ins that can enhance the user experience, but if the app is having issues, it may be helpful to disable these add-ins in safe mode. After disabling the add-ins, you can restart the app and check if the problems persist. By following the instructions in this article, you can choose the method that works best for you to resolve common errors in Outlook.

1. Using The Control Button

The easiest way to open Outlook in safe mode in Windows 11 is using the Ctrl key. You will get there in just two steps. Find them below.

Run command

Open the Start menu and search for Outlook. When the app is listed, press and hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard and click the app.

The following window will ask you if you want to start Outlook in safe mode. Click “Yes.”

You have now opened the email program in safe mode.

Note: You can also click and hold the Ctrl key and then click the Outlook shortcut on your desktop to launch Outlook in safe mode.

2. Using The Run Dialog Box

You can open Outlook in safe mode in Windows 11 by running the outlook safe mode command in the Run dialog box. Here is how you can do it.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R. Alternatively, type “run” in the search box and press Enter.

Open Run dialog box to open outlook in safe mode
Open Run Dialog Box

Enter the following command in the text field and click “OK.”

outlook.exe /safe

Run Command

Select your default profile from the drop-down list in the Choose Profile window and click “OK.”

Now, the desktop email client will open in safe mode.

Note: You can also run the same command in the Cortana search box or the Start menu if that is your preferred method. These are also possible ways to open safe mode in Outlook on Windows 11.

3. Using Command Prompt

Many of the actions users may want to perform on their computers have a Command Prompt version of the technique. The only requirement in our case is to know the path of the Outlook executable file. So, here, we will use the black screen of Command Prompt to open Outlook in safe mode in Windows 11 and solve the startup issues. Let us see how.

Type “cmd” in the search box and open Command Prompt by selecting “Run as administrator.”

Open Command Prompt by clicking Run as administrator
Open Command Prompt By Clicking Run As Administrator

Type the following command in the Command Prompt window (including the double quotes) and press Enter. If the path to the executable file is different for you, the actual command will be different depending on the file path.

“C: \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE” /safe
Outlook safe mode command to open outlook in safe mode
Outlook Safe Mode Command

Your Outlook will now open in safe mode without any error message.

4. Create A Safe Mode Shortcut

Creating shortcuts to applications is a great way to reduce the time in accessing the applications. For example, if you have the desktop shortcut of an app, you can simply click on it to open it without going to the actual file location. Here are the detailed steps to create a shortcut to open Outlook in safe mode in Windows 11 in seconds.

Right-click anywhere on your desktop, and select New > Shortcut.

Select New > Shortcut
Select New > Shortcut

In the create shortcut window, you must type the path to the Outlook.exe file followed by “/safe” (without quotes) and click “Next.” When you perform the step, Outlook will open no extra window on clicking the shortcut.

Type the file location and click Next
Type The File Location And Click Next

Give a name for the shortcut in the next window and click “Finish.”

Once you are done, you can see the shortcut to Outlook on your desktop. Double-click on it whenever you want to open the email app in safe mode.

5. Edit The Desktop Shortcut

You can edit if you already have an Outlook shortcut on your desktop. When you do that, double-clicking on the shortcut will open Outlook in safe mode in Windows 11. Take a look at how to do it.

Right-click on the Outlook shortcut on the desktop and select “Properties.”

Select the Shortcut tab. You will find the path to the Outlook.exe file in the Target field. First, edit the path by adding “/safe” at the end of it (without quotes). Then, click “Apply” and then “OK.”

The next time you try to open Outlook by double-clicking on the shortcut, it will open in safe mode. Delete the “/safe” from the Target field to switch back to the normal mode.

Final Thoughts on Open Outlook in Safe Mode in Windows 11

If you encounter issues with Outlook, such as problems with the navigation pane, add-ins, corrupt files, or recently installed extensions, it can hinder your email experience and prevent you from signing into your email account. However, there are several ways to open Outlook in safe mode in Windows 11 and identify the root cause of the problem.

It is important to note that if you use the command prompt method or create a safe mode shortcut for Outlook, you will need to know the path to the executable file. On the other hand, the other methods can be followed by simply following the steps provided. By trying out these different methods, you can find a convenient solution to your Outlook issues and regain access to your email messages.