How to pimp an SVG quickly with

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The SVG format is widely recognized as a vector image format that enables the use of elegant pictograms, formerly known as clipart, on websites or other digital platforms. The key advantage of using these images is their scalability and easy modification without any loss of quality since they are vector-based.

Numerous websites offer access to vector images, as I have discussed in my previous articles. However, customizing an SVG image can be challenging without a tool like Illustrator.

Fortunately, I have a recommendation for you – a fantastic website called Using, you can effortlessly modify every aspect of an SVG image, from line thickness to colors and drawing style, using simple sliders.

Illustration of an SVG being quickly edited

You can also change the fill, density, smoothing…etc.

Example of customizing an SVG

And if, like me, you have an eye for aesthetics, you can achieve stunning results of an exceptional standard by dedicating time and effort to perfecting your skills. Just take a look at this example of an SVG image modified with – a breathtaking creation that undoubtedly required months of practice and refinement to achieve.

Image showing different customization options for an SVG

Come on, have fun and don’t bother us too much.

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