How To Pin Someone’s Chat On WhatsApp – Guide 2023

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In this guide, we will cover the process of pinning a chat on WhatsApp, an essential feature that can help you prioritize important conversations from your long list of contacts. With end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is a secure messaging platform widely used by individuals and organizations.

Managing multiple contacts on WhatsApp can be challenging, especially if you have frequent conversations with some and occasional interactions with others. Pinning someone’s chat to the top of your chat list allows you to easily access essential conversations without having to search for them each time.

WhatsApp allows you to pin up to three chats, which can be helpful in managing your chats. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to pin someone’s chat on WhatsApp. Additionally, if you are interested, you can check out our other article on how to hide your online status on WhatsApp.

Why Pin Conversation on WhatsApp?

It’s common to have important conversations or messages that you don’t want to miss on WhatsApp. One way to ensure you never miss these is by pinning the chat to the top of your chat list.

There can be various reasons why you may want to pin someone else’s chat on WhatsApp. For example, you may want to keep a chat at the top because it contains essential data for your job or because it reminds you of something you don’t want to forget.

Fortunately, it’s easy to pin any chat on WhatsApp for as long as you need. However, you can only pin up to three contacts at a time. Therefore, you’ll need to choose the three contacts that you think are the most important to you and pin them to your account. If you need to unpin a conversation, you can easily do so and replace it with another contact’s chat.

But if three contacts are not enough for you, don’t worry! We have a simple trick to show you to pin an unlimited number of contacts on WhatsApp. So, stay with us until the end of this guide to learn how.

How do you Pin Someone Chat on WhatsApp?

If you want to prioritize someone’s chat on WhatsApp and keep track of their messages, you can pin their chat to the top of your chat list. The pinning feature is available not only for individual chats but also for WhatsApp groups and communities.

Whether you are using a smartphone or a PC, you can easily pin someone’s WhatsApp chat. However, the navigation process may differ depending on the device you are using. Therefore, in this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to pin someone’s chat on WhatsApp from three different devices.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to your chat list.
  2. Find the chat you want to pin and swipe it to the right.
  3. A “Pin” option will appear, tap on it.
  4. The chat will now be pinned to the top of your chat list.

If you want to unpin a chat, follow the same steps and select “Unpin” instead of “Pin” in step 3.

Remember, you can only pin up to three chats at a time on WhatsApp.

Pin Someone’s Chat from an Android Phone

If you have an Android phone, you can pin a conversation on WhatsApp by following the steps below.

1. To begin, open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone and go to your chats section.

2. Next, locate the chat you want to pin from the list of conversations. Tap and hold on it until you see an extra option appear at the top of your screen.

3. Select the “Pin” icon next to the “Mute” icon from the top to pin that chats on your WhatsApp account.

That chat will now appear at the top of the chat list. You can follow the same steps to pin two other conversations on your account.

Note: Remember that pinned chats will appear at the top of WhatsApp web on a PC, even if you pin them with a smartphone. Hence, there is no need to pin chats again on your PC after doing so on your phone.

Pin Someone’s Chat from an iPhone

If you have an iPhone, the navigation for pinning someone’s chat differs slightly from that of an Android device. Hence, you can use the process below to pin chat on an iPhone.

Note: The WhatsApp app is not available on all iOS devices. For example, there is no official WhatsApp app for the iPad.

1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and tap the “Chats” option from the lower side of your screen.

You can locate the conversation you want to pin from the chat section.

2. After you find someone’s chat you want to pin, swipe right on it.

Keep in mind that swiping the chat to the edge will label the message as read or unread. Hence, swipe right slightly until you see the pin button.

3. You can now select the “Pin” button to pin that conversation at the top of your chat screen. Repeat these steps for up to two more chats to pin them to the top.

You can tell if a chat is pinned by looking at the “Pin” icon on the right side of that conversation. To unpin that WhatsApp chat, swipe right again and select the Unpin button.

The order in which you pin any conversation determines how it appears at the top of your chat screen. When you pin a second chat on WhatsApp, it will appear at the top, pushing the first pinned chat right below it.

Additionally, please remember that the pinned chat will not change its position even after receiving messages.

Pin Someone Chat from a PC (Windows or Mac)

You can also pin someone’s chat on WhatsApp web from a computer or laptop. So, follow these steps to learn how to pin someone’s conversation.

Disclaimer: There is no need to pin a contact or conversation from your PC if you have already pinned it from your Smartphone.

1. First, open WhatsApp web on your desktop web browser and scan the QR code to log in to your account.

2. Locate the chat you want to pin from the left panel on the home screen. Then, hover your cursor over that chat until the down arrow appears.

3. Now, click the down arrow and choose “Pin chat” from the menu. The chat will automatically appear at the top of your chat screen.

Pin chat

You can confirm this by looking at the “Pin” icon on the right side of that conversation. If you want to remove the pin, repeat the steps and select “Unpin Chat” from the menu.

Just like before, once you pin a chat from a PC, you won’t need to do that again on your Smartphone. You can also unpin any chat pinned from your PC with your phone.

Trick to Pin more than 3 Chats on WhatsApp

We all know that we can only pin three chats on WhatsApp. However, if you have more contacts or conversations that you want to pin for quick access, you can do so with a simple trick.

For this, press and hold a chat you want to pin, then select the icon next to the “Mute” icon. If you have an iPhone, you can swipe from right to left and select the “Archive” option.

Archive chat

This will archive that chat on WhatsApp. Though it differs from pinning chat, it will still help you access your contacts quickly.

If you look at the top of your chat screen, you will notice a new folder with the name “Archive.” Just tap on it to see the conversation you just archived.

This method allows you to organize your chat in a separate folder. In contrast to pinning chats, you can archive any number of conversations and have them appear at the top.

So, the best option is to pin three chats to your WhatsApp account and archive other remaining essential chats.

Note: To archive a chat in WhatsApp from a PC, click the down arrow next to it and select the “Archive” option.

Note that you can only pin up to three chats at once. However, if you want to organize your chats beyond the limit of three, you can use the “Starred messages” feature on WhatsApp.


Here’s a quick summary of how you can pin someone’s WhatsApp chat on Android, iPhone, and PC. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier according to your device.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp only allows you to pin up to three chats at once. However, you can use the “Starred messages” feature to quickly access other important chats beyond the limit of three. Though not the same as pinning chats, this feature enables you to organize them efficiently.

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