I’m sure you want to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter?

And you wonder what are the techniques to promote your newsletter?

But now that you have created your newsletter , you are looking for effective ways to increase the number of qualified subscribers to your email list.

It is certain that the newsletter is the number 1 Digital Marketing tool that you have as an entrepreneur.

With an average conversion rate of 3.4% against 0.7 for Instagram, or 1% for a website.

That’s why, here are 6 proven methods to promote your newsletter, in a simple way, without a complicated sales funnel.

But the point I want to address first is knowing your ideal client. Indeed, without this, you will not win qualified subscribers (which means future buyers), but only tourists.

And trust me, less is more in this case.

Table of contents 

  • 1. Know your ideal client
  • 2. The lead magnet
  • 3. The landing page to promote your newsletter
  • 4. Popups
  • 5. Social networks
  • 6. Guest articles
  • Conclusion on how to promote your newsletter

1. Know your ideal client

ideal client avatar
How to promote your newsletter in 6 steps ? 4

This is the first step when you want to create a newsletter , then increase the number of subscribers to your list of email addresses.

The more you know your ideal client, the more you will be able to solve their problems.

Thus, this first step, to promote your newsletter, consists in listing the problems that your customer encounters.

Then, ask yourself what problem you can solve through a lead magnet or a white paper, also commonly called a “freebie”.

Note:  it is essential that the implementation of the solution to the problem of your future registrants be fast and efficient.

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Thus, you create a wow effect.

Thus, your subscriber will think: “given the power of his free lead magnet, I can’t even imagine what he offers in his conversion offer ”.

2. The lead magnet

promote your newsletter - The lead magnet

The lead magnet is the second step to better promote your newsletter.

Again, it must be short and provide a solution to a problem of your future client.

The more your lead magnet addresses a hard problem of your audience, the more effective your newsletter promotion will be. Thus, you increase the number of qualified subscribers to your newsletter.

The formats that work best for your future lead magnet are:

  • templates,
  • the quiz,
  • A MasterClass or webinar,
  • A checklist or todo list,
  • A short guide in a few steps to solve a problem…

Save yourself the trouble of writing a lead magnet, or freebie of more than 10 pages.

Your new registrant does not have a lot of time for you.

So with a short lead magnet, you maximize the chances of being read. You increase the probability that your new subscriber will take action and have convincing results in the short term.

3. The landing page to promote your newsletter

A landing page (or landing page) is the page that converts your readers into subscribers to your newsletter, which will ultimately get you new customers.

The landing page must make your reader want to  become a future subscriber to your newsletter.

Here are the main features it should have:

  • A title that slams,
  • A subtitle describing who your newsletter is aimed at,
  • A lead magnet voting visual,
  • A call to action button that inspires,
  • The benefits of getting your lead magnet and reading your newsletter,
  • The testimonials of subscribers to your newsletter and/or your freebie,
  • A section “who are we?” which must be “storytelled”,
  • A second call to action identical to the previous one…
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4. Popups

Promoting a newsletter - Popups

Popups are often misunderstood by your audience.

Indeed, they spoil the reader’s experience and therefore your potential subscriber to your newsletter.

However, it is possible to configure them  so that the experience on your site remains as pleasant as possible.

Indeed, you can include the pop-up in the middle of your articles, or even have a pop-up appear after a minute of reading.

Note:  the exit popups of the site are generally the ones that convert the best.

5. Social networks

social network app
How to promote your newsletter in 6 steps ? 5

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn are very good platforms to promote your newsletter.

By addressing your target customer, you increase your chance of propelling your number of subscribers to your mailing list and thus effectively expanding your contact list.

Share your landing page link at least once a week, highlighting the benefits of joining your newsletter.

6. Guest articles

Guest articles to promote your newsletter

Guest posts are a great way to get visible to your ideal client in record time.

Indeed, you take advantage of the visibility, authority and popularity, of the traffic of another website, in order to attract as many people as possible to your landing page.

Moreover, here is the method to request it .

Finally, consider monitoring your sign-up rate to understand how to improve.

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