You are on Windows and you have always used the Firefox browser. It really is your favorite browser and it makes you a good person. Only here, despite all the love you have for Firefox, you are still aware that sometimes it can eat up a little *too* much memory. Especially when you leave it open for days and days, all it takes is a small memory leak, for it to become a disaster.

That’s where Firemin comes to the rescue, a free utility that is able to free up unused Firefox memory. So it’s true that Windows also knows how to clean up memory, but it doesn’t do it as often as Firmin, who takes special care of Firefox.

Once Firemin is launched, you choose a “cleaning” frequency in milliseconds (default is 1000ms), but the Firemin devs say 500ms will perform better. You can also specify a quantity of memory specific to Firefox, not to be exceeded (here 100 MB).

What’s nice is that you can tell it other browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge, etc.) by simply clicking on the “Browse” button. I imagine it might work with other non-browser apps as well, so give it a try on your memory consuming apps.

The tool must be launched at the same time as the browser to work, so be sure to check the box “Start Firemin when Windows starts” and then forget it. Firemin is also available in a portable version.

I know these kinds of tools are a bit like homeopathy, so it’s up to you to try it and see if you see any improvement or not. But if you find that your browser is a bit heavy for your config, Firemin can make a difference.

Download here.

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