How to remove Bing Discover Chat from Microsoft Edge Browser

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In this guide, we will explain how to remove Bing Discover Chat from the Microsoft Edge browser. Bing Discover Chat is a feature that provides users with news, weather updates, and other information in a chat format. While some users find this feature useful, others may find it intrusive or unnecessary. Fortunately, it is easy to disable Bing Discover Chat in Microsoft Edge, and we will walk you through the steps to do so.

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Bing Discover Chat has incorporated additional AI technologies, including the latest GPT version and DALL·E 2, further enhancing its capabilities. Furthermore, it may receive advanced AI updates well in advance of the general public, rendering it even more potent.

Bing Discover Chat bubble on Edge browser

Although I think that the Bing Discover Chat is a valuable feature, some users are dissatisfied with its inclusion and wish to remove it. Fortunately, Microsoft Edge provides a way to personalize the browser’s settings and hide the Bing Chat interface.

Disable Show Discover Setting

The Show Discover setting is available under Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar settings. You can turn off the toggle button to remove the discover chat. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Click on the More  menu and select the Settings menu.
    Edge computer browser Settings menu
  3. It will open the Edge’s Settings page.
  4. Switch to the Sidebar tab from the left panel.
  5. Click to open the Discover tab under the App specific settings section.
    Discover Settings page under Sidebar on Edge browser
  6. Turn off the toggle button for the Show Discover option.
    Show Discover Turned off on Edge browser settings

One option to eliminate Bing Discover chat from the Edge browser is to go to the browser’s settings page and customize the UI to hide it. As soon as you do so, the chat will disappear. Alternatively, you can access the Discover bubble chat window, click on the More option (three dots), and choose Notification and App settings. Then, turn off the button for the Show Discover page, and the Discover bubble will be removed.

Discover Sidebar Chat window Notifications and App settings option


The Bing Chatbot feature, which allows users to directly chat with Bing, has been added to Microsoft Edge powered by ChatGPT. However, some users are not pleased with the addition, as it takes up space in the address bar and could potentially affect the system’s performance. Microsoft has been known to push such features onto users’ browsers. Fortunately, the Edge browser provides customization options to hide or show the Discover chat bubble. These settings can be accessed from the Sidebar settings page.

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