How to Reset Pixel Watch From Phone and Watch

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In this guide, we will learn: How to Reset Pixel Watch From Phone and Watch – guide 2023
So, let’s begin!

There are three ways to reset a Pixel Watch. Each method requires the watch to be powered on because there isn’t a physical reset button or hole.

Reset From the Pixel Watch App

If your phone is nearby, you can use the Google Pixel Watch app.

  1. Scroll down the main screen and tap System.
  2. Choose Reset and unpair watch.
  3. Select Reset on the confirmation prompt. Google Pixel Watch app reset option If you have a Pixel Watch with LTE, you’ll also see an Erase downloaded SIM toggle you can switch on.

Reset From the Pixel Watch

There’s a setting within the watch itself that lets you factory reset Pixel Watch.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Settings/gear icon.
  2. Go to System, and then Disconnect & reset on the next screen. You can erase the eSIM, too, if you have a watch with LTE.
  3. Select the checkmark to start the reset process. Pixel Watch reset steps

Reset With ‘Find My Device’

You can also use Google Find My Device. This technique is ideal if you’ve lost your watch, and it’s still connected to the internet. While you could do this with the Google Find My Device Android app, we’ll use the web version in this walkthrough.

  1. From the Find My Device website, select the watch you want to reset.
  2. Select ERASE DEVICE from the list of options. Google Pixel Watch Find My Device options
  3. Select ERASE DEVICE again. If you’re asked to log in to your Google account, do so now.
  4. On the confirmation prompt, select Erase. Permanently erase Google Pixel Watch with Find My Device

When to Reset Google Pixel Watch

There are a few scenarios where you might want to factory reset Pixel Watch:

  • You forgot the PIN or passcode
  • There are error messages you can’t seem to avoid
  • You experience bugs and other unexpected software-related issues
  • You’re trading it in or selling it
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