How To restore your old photos with AI thanks to DifFace

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We all have old photos lying around in our archives and in particular old JPEGs that date from a time when image compression was really degraded. But thanks to the DifFace algo which uses AI, it is possible to manage the complex degradations of a photo to restore it.

And I must say that the result is stunning. So all the code is on Github and you can deploy it on your side, but if laziness is what conditions your whole life, the easiest way is still to go to HuggingFace (edit: it doesn’t work anymore, skip rather by the Colab ).

How To restore your old photos with AI thanks to DifFace

You upload your image, you click “Submit” and voila! you will have a great result that will please your little heart.

Diagram illustrating how DifFace works for restoring photos

I tested many similar tools, but I believe that this one provides the best restorations, including when it’s hyper hyper blurry… Even if obviously, everything is not yet perfect since by zooming, we still has this little “drawn on the image” side, but we’re getting there slowly.

Black and white portrait restored with DifFace

I really invite you to test it and compare it with other similar systems.

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