How to Sign Up For Twitter Blue and Get Blue Tick From Anywhere In The World

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Twitter was in the news throughout the last year. Initially for Elon Musk’s acquisition then opening the verified tick mark for everyone who signed up for Twitter Blue. After the initial launch of Twitter Blue, many incidents happened where fake verified accounts starts posing as businesses. It causes a lot of confusion among Twitter users.

After this failure, the company took back the program. Twitter took a few weeks to strengthen its service and relaunched Twitter Blue on 12th December 2022. The service cost $8 on the Web and $11 on iOS. As per availability, Twitter Blue is officially available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the service will launch in other countries very soon. But we are yet to receive any official news for the launch in regions like India. If you currently don’t live in any of the countries where Twitter Blue is available but still want to try out the service and most importantly want that verified Blue tick then stay tuned.

Here in this article, we will provide a workaround that you can effectively use to sign up for Twitter Blue from anywhere in the world including India.

Sign Up For Twitter Blue and Get Blue Tick

Signing up for the Twitter Blue service in the regions where it is not available currently. We will basically be using the old-school VPN technic. What we can do is use a VPN provider that provides servers in any of the four countries where the service is officially available and then connect to that server to complete the signup process. Here is a step-by-step guide explaining the process.

Sign Up For Twitter Blue and Get Blue Tick On the Web

Twitter Blue is available for sign-up on the Web. Earlier it was only available for iOS users but after the issues with App Store’s crazy high 30% revenue cut, the company also made it available on the Web. Also, signing up for Twitter Blue on the Web is $3 cheaper than on iOS. Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow.

1. Connect your Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iOS smartphone to a server located within the USA, U.K, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand using a VPN.

2. Once you are successfully connected to the VPN open your choice of the Web browser. Now go to Twitter Login Page.

3. Enter your Twitter login credentials to get login into your account.

4. As soon as you are logged in you will find a new Twitter Blue option in the left sidebar, tap on it.

5. A pop-up window will appear explaining all the features that you will get with Twitter Blue. At the bottom of the pop-up, you will find the Subscribe button, tap on it.

Twitter Blue Subscribe

6. Doing so will take you to the Stripe payment gateway. Now enter your email address, credit card details, and address. You will require an address of the country where Twitter Blue is available. You can use an address of one of your friends living there or just a random address that seems legit. Enter all the details and complete the purchase.

Twitter Blue Payment Page

That’s it. Now you are successfully subscribed to Twitter Blue. You will get a notification We’re reviewing your account now. Your account will be verified with a blue checkmark soon.

Twitter Blue Receipt Done

Due to all the issues that happened on the last launch, Twitter is now taking a few days to complete the verification process and then only providing that verified mark. So, wait for a few hours before you actually get the verification checkmark. In the meantime, you can enjoy other Twitter Blue features like Undo Tweet, Edit Tweet, etc.

We are based out in India and after trying the above steps we were able to get the Twitter Blue subscription. The Blue tick is yet to appear on that account we were able to use the Undo and Edit tweet feature.

Sign Up For Twitter Blue and Get Blue Tick On iOS

Twitter Blue is also available for sign-up on iOS. It costs $11/month there a $3 higher than what we have on the Web. Still, if you want to keep the payment processed through your iCloud account and wouldn’t mind paying $3 extra then here is how you can complete the sign-up on iOS.

1. First of all connect your iOS device to a VPN that has servers in the countries where Twitter Blue is available.

2. When you are connected virtually to one of the servers open the Twitter app on your iPhone.

3. A new Twitter blue option should appear in the Sidebar below the Profile option, tap on it.

Twitter Blue Sign Up iOS How to

4. A new page will open explaining all the features Twitter Blue offers with a Subscribe button tap on it.

Twitter Blue Sign Up on iOS

5. Your iPhone will ask for your permission to complete the purchase through your iCloud account.

Twitter Blue After Signing Up

6. You will receive a notification Your account will be verified with a checkmark soon.

Twitter Blue Account In Review on iOS

Now, wait for the checkmark to appear. In the meantime start teasing your friends by editing and undoing your tweets.

Sign Up For Twitter Blue and Get Blue Tick On Android

If you want to sign up for Twitter Blue on the Twitter Android app then you can’t do it right now. You can try connecting your Android smartphone to a U.S. server using a VPN. The Twitter Blue option will appear in the Sidebar but when you will tap on it you will see the list of features but the Subscribe button will be missing from there.

Instead, you will find “You can only subscribe on the Twitter iOS app or website(for now). But you don’t have to worry as you can access Twitter on any web browser and use the method we mentioned above to complete the signup process.

Sign Up Twitter Blue Android

Final Words

Twitter Blue is finally relaunched but it is limited to only four countries as of now. Everyone residing outside these countries is eagerly waiting for the service to launch in their region. But you don’t actually have to wait, we have provided an old-school trick to sign up for Twitter Blue and get a verified check mark and other features from anywhere in the world. Follow the steps mentioned above in the article and sign up for Twitter Blue no matter where you are right now.

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