How to suppress the background noise of the open space during your videoconferencing? (macOS)

Yesterday, I explained to you how to remove parasitic sounds under Linux when you record yourself with your microphone. Well today, we are going to do the same thing in a simpler way. Yes, simpler because under macOS!

How ?

Well thanks to the Utterly software which in its free version allows you to eliminate certain surrounding noises as found in open spaces, cafes, or in your kitchen (microwave, running water, etc.).

Basically, whenever people speak indistinctly behind you, Utterly cuts out the chatter.

And if you opt for the paid version starting at $5/month, you will be entitled to more parasitic sounds covered: children playing, dog barking, dishwasher noise, traffic noise, street work… etc

Also note that the paid Utterly plugin remains usable for free for 2 hours per week. Looks like they don’t want to sell it.

Great for those who livestream in noisy places or have to keep their kids home while managing a Zoom chat with marketing teams in San Francisco.

You can download Utterly here.

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