How to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11

On a daily basis, if you are an important personality, you have an assistant to inform you about your work and your daily activity. But ordinary people have plans to improve themselves and arrive at a higher, new state to time their daily life. Google Calendar is one of the powerful multi-purpose scheduling apps powered by Google to make your daily task easier. As the name suggests, you can use Google Calander to allocate time slots, schedule meeting rooms, don’t forget the world clock. Google Calendar has capabilities such as providing a smooth workflow with workgroups or between individuals. To put it in simple terms, Google Calendar can help you organize and plan your day, your week, your month and year and then executing them on a personal or professional level, it depends on your execution. Since Windows 11 is not a Google product, you can sync Google Calendar with Windows 11. This way, you can integrate Google Calander into your domain. For some reason, let’s start with How to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11.

Table of contents 

  • How to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11?
  • Configuring some calendar settings
  • Conclusion

How to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11?

Since we are talking about Calendar and the topic is about syncing Google Calander with Windows, the first step is to launch Windows Calendar. Click on the search box in the taskbar and search for the calendar, then launch it.

Search the calendar

If this is your first time opening the calendar and you’ve never set up the calendar, click Add Account.

Add an account in Calendar

Note: If you can’t find the previous window in Google Calendar, here’s how to add another account. Click Settings below > then choose Manage Accounts from the left panel.

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After that you have to choose to add an account, choose Google, insert your credentials and you are done.

manage accounts in calendar
add another account

Since we are looking to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11, you need to choose Google, insert your email and password. If you want to sync other calendars, you can configure them too.

Add a Google Account

Remember that you have to insert your credentials, after inserting your credentials, click on authorize (Allow access to Gmail, contacts and finally calendar) and finally insert a name.

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Configuring some calendar settings

To be very clear, now that you’ve synced Google Calendar with Windows 11, you’ve also authorized Gmail and Contacts. If you want to change the settings and only Google Calendar should be synced, follow the steps below.

  • Click on settings at the bottom.
  • Choose your account you just logged in with.
  • Click Change mailbox sync settings.
  • Then disable Gmail and Contacts and click done at the bottom.
Sync Google Calendar with Windows 11
Sync Google Calendar with Windows 11
Sync Google Calendar with Windows 11
Sync Google Calendar with Windows 11

Apparently, depending on the country you live in, Windows 11 will display its holidays, which also include calendar information about your contacts. If you don’t want them to appear on your calendar, you can uncheck them.

Edit your calendar


Based on your work, I think it’s a good idea to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11. This way you will create, edit, delete all your dates in one place and sync them across your devices.

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