Sometimes we want to add a little touch of originality to our photos. This can be done by using filters or by adding all sorts of effects to our shots. There is also another alternative: turn a photo into a sketch . If this option appeals to you, we suggest you test the Image to Sketch site . Thanks to this service, you can give a unique character to the shots of your choice.

A service that uses artificial intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is hugely successful. This technology interferes in all aspects of our daily lives. Thanks to it, it is possible to accomplish things that we would never have thought of before.

Image to Sketch is an online service that decided to take advantage of this technology. Using AI, he can turn any photo into a sketch . The shots you submit to Image to Sketch will look like they were drawn in pencil. This tool will especially appeal to lovers of vintage drawings.

A secure tool

Image to Sketch offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This service will guide you through the process of transforming your photos . Everything is done very quickly and this is one of its strengths. In addition to that, it has the merit of being easy to use.

We also appreciate the fact that the online service makes the safety of its users a priority. The service guarantees that all photos that are submitted to the platform are deleted after processing. You can therefore rest easy knowing that your images cannot be reused by the platform.

Submit your photos to Image to Sketch

There is nothing easier than turning your photos into a pencil drawing via Image to Sketch. All you have to do is upload your photos to the dedicated section on the site. This online service supports PNG, JPG and JPEG formats. Note that the maximum file size that Image to Sketch can support is limited to 5000×5000 pixels.

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Image to Sketch will use AI to analyze your photos and convert them into sketches in seconds. And if you are a fan of this kind of tool, I invite you to take a look at ToonMe which allows you to transform your photos into cartoon caricatures .

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