How to use Burner Mail: create temporary email addresses to avoid SPAM

Are you tired of being inundated with SPAM after signing up on a website? Do you want to protect your privacy and not disclose your personal email address? Check out Burner Mail , an extension that lets you create temporary email addresses . This can be useful if you don’t want to give out your real email address or if you’re signing up to a website that might spam your regular inbox.

Create disposable email addresses with Burner Mail

Burner Mail is a free extension available for Chrome , Firefox , and Edge browsers . Thanks to the latter, you can create disposable email addresses called “burners”. This can be useful for various reasons .

For example, if you sign up for a website that you don’t want to give your personal email address to, you can use a disposable email address instead. This will allow you to protect your privacy online and keep your personal information safe.

Burner Mail is also great for signing up for newsletters, forums, online surveys, promotional offers, or other websites. This is a great way to keep your personal information private online.

In its free version , Burner Mail allows you to create up to 5 temporary email addresses and delete them when they are no longer needed. In addition, you have the right to create a free mailbox to receive and respond to emails. However, note that all emails you receive on this account will be saved for a maximum of 7 days. After this time, they will be automatically deleted.

Finally, note that you will have access to a dashboard that will allow you to manage all your temporary email addresses. In addition, it will also allow you to create your free email account from the “Mailbox” section.

How it works ?

The operation of Burner Mail is very simple. To create your first temporary email address, follow these steps:

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1. Start by downloading the Burner Mail extension on your Chrome or Firefox browser .

2. Once installed, click on the extension’s icon in your web browser’s toolbar.

3. You are then asked to register for the service. Enter your email address, a password, then check the box “ I agree to the terms and conditions ” and click on the “ Get Started ” button.

Burner Mail Registration

4. Next, go to the website where you wanted to register. You will then see the icon of the extension present in the “Email address” field. Click on it to automatically generate a temporary email address.

If the service asks you to confirm your account by email, just go to the inbox of your real email address. Then click on the link to confirm the account, and voila!

Create a temporary email address with Burner Mail

5. Finally, to stop receiving emails sent to the temporary email address, you can deactivate it, or even delete it.

Note that you can also access the Burner Mail dashboard at any time to manage your temporary email addresses.

Burner Mail Access Dashboard

Why should you use a temporary email address?

There are many reasons for using a disposable or temporary email address.

  • This saves you from giving out your personal information online.
  • Maybe you’re worried about SPAM, identity theft, or just don’t want to be bombarded with advertising emails.
  • Maybe you sign up for a service that sends out a lot of emails and you don’t want them cluttering up your regular inbox.
  • The site or service you sign up for may sell your personal information to third-party companies.

Whatever the reason, using Burner Mail can help keep your personal information secure.

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What you must remember

Burner Mail is a great option for people who want to keep their personal email address private. The browser extension makes it possible to create temporary email addresses for example to subscribe to newsletters or register on websites.

Burner Mail is a free and easy to use extension. It offers users a number of features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a disposable email solution.

All in all, Mail Burner is a great way to prevent your personal email address from being inundated with SPAM.

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