Are you constantly wondering if the Caps Lock key is on? I’ve got just what you need ! Today I present to you CapsLock Indicator , a free and open source utility that indicates the status of Caps Lock, Numpad Lock and Scroll Lock .

What are the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys on a computer keyboard?

Caps Lock (or caps lock) and Num Lock (or numeric keypad lock) are two toggle keys on a computer keyboard. The Caps Lock key is used to type all uppercase letters, while the Num Lock key is used to type numbers on the numeric keypad.

If before, almost all computer keyboards had indicator lights telling you if these two keys were activated or deactivated, this is no longer really the case today.

Indeed, the new computer keyboards are more and more refined and minimalist. As a result, the indicator lights have completely disappeared from some keyboard models. The only solution to find out if these keys are enabled or not is to use third-party software like CapsLock Indicator.

CapsLock Indicator, a Caps Lock and Num Lock indicator for Windows

CapsLock Indicator is a free and open source software that keeps an eye on the status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys. Note that this is a portable tool. Therefore, no installation is required.

Once executed, CapsLock Indicator adds new icons to the Windows notification area (next to the clock located at the bottom right of the screen). These icons are represented by the following letters: “N” for Num Lock key, “S” for Scroll Lock key, and “C” for Caps Lock.

When one of these keys is active, the letter is circled in green. Conversely, when the letter is circled in red, this means that the key is inactive.

These indicators let you know at a glance whether the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock keys are on or off. This can be especially useful for people who often forget to disable the Caps Lock key, as it notifies them whenever the key is pressed.

A simple and clear interface

As you can see in the screenshot below, the software offers a very easy to use French interface. From the “General” tab, you can notably choose the icons to display in the notification area: numeric keypad lock, caps lock and scroll lock.

Additionally, you can also choose whether or not to display a notification that tells you whether the key is active or inactive (see below).

Caps lock active
Caps lock active
Caps lock off
Caps lock off

In addition, you can also start the program when you open your session or check for program updates.

Then, from the “Notifications” tab, you have the possibility to customize the default colors when the keys are activated or deactivated, but also to select the display duration of the notifications.

Notifications CapsLock Indicator

Finally, from the “Advanced options” tab, you will find a dark mode as well as a link allowing you to download icon packs to change the default ones.

CapsLock Indicator Advanced Options

How to put the CapsLock Indicator interface in others languages like French?

1. Start by downloading the CapsLock Indicator software from the developer’s official website. To do this, click on the ” Download ( ” or ” Download ( ” button (it doesn’t matter).

2. Next, download the French translation pack . To do this, click on the “French [fr] (translation version x)” link.

3. Create a subfolder in the directory where the CapsLock Indicator .exe file is located and name it “ en ” (without the quotes). And in this subfolder, drag and drop the CapsLockIndicatorV3.resources.dll file you just downloaded.

4. Finally, run the software, and choose the default language from the “General” tab.

CapsLock Indicator in French

✅ That’s it!

What you must remember

CapsLock Indicator is a great software for all users who want to know if their Caps Lock or Number Lock keys are enabled or not. This can especially be useful when entering a password or other sensitive information, as it can prevent accidental activation of these keys.

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