LoveWindowsAgain is a free and open-source application developed by Builtbybel , an independent developer from Germany. He designed this application with the aim of allowing users to keep only the essential features of Windows 11 .

Once launched, this application will analyze your system and select for you the best Windows 11 settings that you can optimize. You can restore the old Windows 10 File Explorer and context menu, show filename extensions , show hidden files and folders, and disable telemetry, location, targeted ads, and tips and suggestions from Windows 10. Windows 11.

Moreover, LoveWindowsAgain also offers you a module that allows you to install your favorite applications with just one click . You can install 7-Zip, BleachBit, Libre Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, ShareX, VLC and so on.

Finally, note that the tool has another module allowing you to remove bloatware from Windows 11 . In other words, these are the apps that come pre-installed with the system, which most users never use.

How to use LoveWindowsAgain?

The program offers a user-friendly interface that is very easy to learn. As I told you above, you will find yourself faced with 3 modules. The first allows you to disable unnecessary features of Windows 11. Another allows you to install the most popular applications on your PC with one click. And finally, the last module allows you to uninstall the preinstalled applications of Windows 11. Below, I explain how these 3 modules work.

Disable unnecessary Windows 11 features

1. Start by downloading LoveWindowsAgain from the GitHub platform.

2. Then run the application by double-clicking on the LoveWindowsAgain.exe file.

3. From the main interface, click the ” Analyze Windows 11 ” button.

4. Once the analysis is complete, click on the “ 26 problems should be fixed (just a recommendation) ” link.

5. You will then see the list of different items that the program suggests you fix. However, you may very well disagree with the software and tick the items you want.

6. Finally, to fix the “problems”, click on the icon with the down arrow, then select ” Fix problems “.

Install multiple apps at the same time with just one click

1. From the program’s main interface, click the drop-down menu at the bottom left, then select ” Install packages for Windows 11 “.

2. Then select the applications you want to install on your PC, then click on the ” Add ” button. And finally, to install the software, click on the “ Install ” button.

Uninstall Windows 11 preinstalled apps

1. Still from the main program interface, click on the drop-down menu, then select ” Remove unnecessary apps from Windows 11 “.

2. In the left pane, select the apps you want to uninstall, then click the ” Move ” button. And when you are ready, click on the “ Uninstall ” button to proceed with the uninstallation of the apps.

Restore default settings

1. If for some reason you want to restore the default settings, well it is possible. Click the icon with the down arrow, then select “ Restore settings ”.

2. Finally, in the dialog box that appears, click ” Yes ” to start restoring the default settings.

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