How to use Nichesss to provide ideas for content to publish online

Creating content is essential to make your brand known, develop your notoriety or build customer loyalty. This requires redoubled imagination, effort and creativity. To simplify this task, there are practical tools, such as the essential Nichessss , which we have already told you about. Designed in early 2021, the site generates content and business ideas for any niche. Only sixty seconds is enough!

Easily find the right niche with Nichesss

Nichesss requires no download. A simple registration is required to start using the tool. The latter works thanks to GPT-3, an artificial intelligence that generates texts. The user only has to indicate the name of his company and his activity. An algorithm takes care of the rest by proposing product ideas.

niche business idea generator illustration
Nichesss finds you business ideas with just a few pieces of information. 
Illustration: Nichesss.

The process is similar for finding niches and growing a business. With the help of a few keywords and quick clarifications, the tool is able to provide relevant concept ideas. The results can be refined by specifying a category of customers, by noting a skill or a passion or even by describing a problem encountered on a daily basis.

At the same time, it offers content ideas using a simple query, and sometimes even entire texts for social networks, a website or even a blog. Nichesss even writes captions for images or for advertisements. Content can be shared on the Reddit social network and on Product Hunt.

The tool is also armed with a search engine to search for content in subreddits, Reddit communities. The number of participants is indicated. Once the ideal subreddit has been found, all you have to do is describe the people present in it for Nichesss to develop business ideas or relevant content. The tool estimates that a good niche should not exceed 100,000 members in the subreddit.

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The price of Nichessss drops again. Right now, it’s available for $59 for life instead of $999. This advantageous offer includes the idea generator, the marketing content writer, the Instagram and Twitter post creation functionality…

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