Do you have sensitive data on your computer? Do you want to protect them and prevent anyone from having access to them? I present to you today Password Folder , a free software that allows you to protect folders with a password on your Windows computer. To learn more about its features and how it works, I invite you to continue reading.

  1. Protect your folders from prying eyes in Windows
  2. Password Folder, protect a folder with a password
  3. How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows 11/10?
  4. What you must remember

Protect your folders from prying eyes in Windows

To protect confidential files on your Windows PC, several solutions are available to you. However, note that no native option is available in the operating system. You must go through third-party solutions.

First, you can protect sensitive files with a password using data compression software . However, this is not the best solution, as the compression and decompression can take time depending on the number of files you want to save.

Then you have the cloud storage solution . But again, this is not the most practical solution since you must have an Internet connection to get your hands on your data and at the same time trust the service used.

Finally, you can use free encryption software like Encrypto . The latter makes it possible to secure your most sensitive data using a password. However, each time you want to access the protected file or folder, you must export it. So it’s not the easiest solution…

Instead of all its more or less suitable solutions, I suggest you try Password Folder which is much more practical in my opinion.

Password Folder, protect a folder with a password

Password Folder is Windows folder protection software . Thanks to it, you will be able to password protect any sensitive folder in Windows and in a few seconds. Thus, no one will be able to access the protected files without the precious sesame. So you can leave your office with peace of mind.

Also, once a folder is protected by Password Folder, no one will be able to copy or transfer it over the Internet . It is imperative to have the password to decrypt the contents of the folder before you can perform actions on it.

With Password Folder, locking and unlocking takes seconds. It is extremely fast software, even if your file contains several tens of gigabytes of data.

Finally, note that the software allows you to add a shortcut to the context menu of File Explorer to allow you to quickly protect a folder with a password .

How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows 11/10?

The operating principle of the software is very simple. To password protect a folder in Windows 11/10 , follow these steps:

1. Start by downloading the Password Folder software from the developer’s official website. From the home page, click on the “ Download now ” button. Note that the program is also available in a portable version.

Download Password Folder

2. Then proceed to install the software on your computer.

Installing Password Folder

3. Once installed, you can password protect your folders in two different ways. You can either drag and drop the folder into the software interface or right-click on the folder to protect, then select “ Protect by Password Folder ” from the context menu.

Password Folder interface
Protect a Windows folder with a password

4. Then type the password of your choice which will be used to protect and unlock the folder.

Please note : you must absolutely remember the password entered, because in the event of loss, no one will be able to communicate it to you. You could lose the files in the folder forever, so be careful when choosing the password.

Password protect a folder with Password Folder

5. Once protected, your folder icon will change in appearance.

6. To unlock the folder and access its contents, double-click it, then type your password.

Unlock password protected folder

✅ That’s it, now you know how to password protect a folder in Windows 11/10.

What you must remember

Password Folder is an excellent software that can easily and quickly protect sensitive folders in Windows 11/10. It is a tool available to everyone and is completely free. Thanks to it, your precious data will be safe from prying eyes. No one will be able to access the content of the protected folders without the precious password that you will absolutely have to remember.

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