How to use QRCode Monkey: a 100% free QR Code generator

Do you want to create your own QR Code ? We have found a  high quality and fully customizable QR Code generator , all for free and without any conditions or limits of use. The name of this service is: QRCode Monkey .

A customizable and free QR Code generator

QRCode Monkey defines itself as a 100% free QR Code generator. Thanks to this online service, you can create a personalized QR Code in high definition.

The service offers many interesting customization options. First, you can choose the content type of your QR Code: URL, text, email, WiFi, social networks (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), etc.

Then you can choose the color of your QR Code. You can choose to apply a single color or use a color gradient.

The service also gives you the option to add your logo in the center of the code. Note that you can import an image in PNG, JPG, GIF or SVG format with a maximum size of 2 MB.

Finally, you can also customize the style of your code: shape of the body, shape of the outline and the center of the markers.

QRCode Monkey: a free QR Code generator

How to use QR Code Monkey?

The operation of QRCode Monkey is very simple. First, determine the content of the code from the selection displayed on the site. Next, enter the content information. For example, if you want to share your website via the QR Code, enter the URL of your site in the field provided.

Secondly, personalize your QR Code: colors, logo, style, etc. Then, click on the “Create my code” button to get a preview. If you are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is download the image of your QR Code by choosing the format: PNG, SVG, PDF or EPS. For example, if you want a vector image with all the customization options, the service recommends the SVG format because it works with software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

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Finally, note that the QR Codes generated by the service have no expiration date and can be used for commercial purposes. They are static and never stop working. QRCode Monkey works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers.

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