How To Use RemoveBG To Remove Background From An Image Using AI

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Are you interested in quickly and easily removing the background from specific images to save time? RemoveBG makes this possible. However, we must caution you that this online tool may not always be completely accurate, and some touch-ups may be necessary. Nevertheless, it can still greatly simplify managing your photos and illustrations. In this article, we’ll provide some information about this online photo editing software, and give you our final verdict.”

An online tool that is extremely simple and monofunctional

RemoveBG is a straightforward solution with a singular objective: removing the background of an image. This simplicity also extends to its accessibility – no registration or subscription is required, and the tool can be used in just a few clicks.

This graphical trick is made possible by the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), which is programmed to detect and remove the background of an image, leaving it transparent.

The resulting image can be downloaded in PNG format. However, the effectiveness of RemoveBG is subject to scrutiny. After conducting several tests, we will share our verdict on the tool at the end of this article.

How to remove background from an image with RemoveBG?

1. Go to the RemoveBG website.

2. From the home page of the site, click on the “ Upload ” button.

RemoveBG: the free online tool that allows you to erase the background of your photos

3. Then click on the “ Upload an image ” button to select your image or photo from which you want to remove the background.

4. Finally, click on the “ Done ” button for the tool AI to remove the background.

5. All you have to do is upload your image/photo with a transparent background. To do this, click on the “ Download ” button. You will then get your image in PNG format.

RemoveBG: a support tool rather than a complete solution

We tested RemoveBG with a variety of image types, including a drawing, a photo, and the famous Mona Lisa. However, we never achieved a perfect result. If we had to use the image for social media or other purposes, we would have needed to use additional software like Paint, GIMP, or Photoshop to complete the work.

RemoveBG can be considered as an additional tool to assist with editing, but there are still too many inaccuracies for a turnkey solution. Beginners or those with limited time may face frustrations with the tool. Additionally, the size limit and rejection of certain file formats further limit its usefulness.

However, it’s worth noting that for a 100% free online tool, the performance of the AI remains quite good. We hope that over time, RemoveBG will continue to improve in terms of precision. After all, artificial intelligence still has many capabilities yet to be explored.

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