Introduced on Windows Vista, then removed on Windows 8 and 10, widgets (gadgets) have definitely bowed out. Well, not exactly.

There are indeed small free applications that allow you to find your famous gadgets under Windows 10. In a previous article, And today I present to you  SidebarDiagnostics , an open-source application which, as its name suggests, allows you to install a sidebar that displays hardware diagnostic information.


The sidebar fits perfectly well and looks very elegant. It allows you to display the date, the time, but also a whole lot of information (frequency, load, temperature, etc.) on the processor (CPU), the random access memory (RAM), the graphics card (GPU) as well as only on the hard disk(s) present in your computer. It is therefore an excellent tool for all users who wish to keep an eye on the performance of their machine.

In addition, the SidebarDiagnostics application offers a very wide range of settings. For example, you can choose the inking (right or left) of the bar, the screen on which it should be displayed, its width, its appearance, what it should display, etc.

Sidebar Diagnostics is available for free on the platform and is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10.


Go to the releases tab.


  • Monitors CPU, RAM, GPU, network, and logical drives.
  • Create graphs for all metrics.
  • Allows for lots of customization.
  • Allows alerts for various values.
  • Allows binding hotkeys.
  • Supports monitors of all DPI types.
  • Has a clock at the top.

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