How to Use TikTok on Desktop (PC or Mac)

Does your neck hurt? Maybe you slept oddly. Or maybe it was those three straight hours you spent hunched over a small screen watching silly little videos. We don’t judge. We’re not even going to tell you to “get out” or “have a drink of water.” But, to save you the pain and physical therapy, may we suggest: TikTok on desktop.


  • Can you use TikTok on a computer?
  • How to Download TikTok Videos on PC or Mac
  • SaveTT
  • Qoob Clips
  • How to Download and Post a Video on TikTok on Desktop
  • How to Find TikTok Analytics on Desktop
  • How to View Videos Saved on TikTok on Desktop
  • How to Manage TikTok Notifications on Desktop

TikTok is best known as a mobile app, but the desktop version of the platform includes many of the same features on a bigger screen (and a lot less neck pain).

Here’s everything you need to know about TikTok on desktop.ContentsCan you use TikTok on a computer?How to Download TikTok Videos on PC or MacHow to Download and Post a Video on TikTok on DesktopHow to Find TikTok Analytics on DesktopHow to View Videos Saved on TikTok on DesktopHow to Manage TikTok Notifications on Desktop

Can you use TikTok on a computer?

The short answer is: yes, you can use TikTok on desktop.

The desktop version of TikTok works the same as the mobile version, but since desktops have more workspace, you can see more TikTok features through a single screen.

After opening the TikTok mobile app, users are taken directly to their For You page and can use buttons to like, comment and share TikToks, or navigate to other parts of the app (Search, Discover, Profile , Mailbox). They can also switch to the “Following” view to see a stream of content exclusively from followed accounts, and, finally, tap the + button to start recording a TikTok.

TikTok Browser Dashboard

From, desktop users have access to all the same features (EXCEPT the ability to register a TikTok directly on the site). The desktop version replaces that “Save” button with a “Download” button – it’s the cloud-shaped icon in the top right of the screenshot above.

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The left menu of TikTok for desktop also suggests accounts to follow, shows accounts you already follow, and shows trending hashtags and sounds.

The ‘Messages’ tab is also noteworthy – on mobile all notifications and direct messages can be accessed through the inbox, but on desktop DMs are separated into their own tab.

How to Download TikTok Videos on PC or Mac

As of March 2021, you can no longer directly download videos from TikTok’s desktop site to your PC or Mac. A simple solution is to download the video to your mobile device and then email it to yourself.

To download a TikTok to your mobile device, simply navigate to the TikTok you want to download, tap the “Share” arrow at the bottom right of your screen, then tap Save Video . Once the video is saved, you can attach it to an email from your camera roll.

Save a TikTok on mobile

The above is the safest way to download a TikTok, but if you don’t have access to a mobile device, another method you can use is to download the video using a website or a third-party application. Here are some resources for doing so:


It is a browser website (read: no app download required) compatible with both Mac and PC computers. To download a TikTok using this site, navigate to the video you wish to download, copy and paste the link into the search bar on, then click “Search”. From there, you can save the TikTok as MP3 or MP4, then download it, save it to your Dropbox, or get a QR code for it.

SaveTikTok browser tool interface

Qoob Clips

Qoob Clips is a downloadable application, and the starter service is free and works for both Mac and PC. Once you have the app, you can download TikToks by plugging in the username of the account whose video you want to download. Qoob will automatically download all videos from this account, so be sure to select a time period before starting your download (unless you want thousands of TikToks eating up your computer’s memory space).

Download a TikTok via Qoob clips

How to Download and Post a Video on TikTok on Desktop

Downloading TikToks to your desktop can be a bit of a hassle, but downloading is a breeze.

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To upload a TikTok from your desktop, click the Upload video button at the top right of your screen. It is shaped like a cloud with an “up” arrow inside.

TikTok display in browser

From there, you can select your video from your computer or drag and drop a file to upload. Then add your caption, hashtags, privacy settings, all that good stuff.

Download TikTok Video to Desktop

Once you’re ready, just hit the Post button under the editor, and your video will be posted to your account.

How to Find TikTok Analytics on Desktop

To access your analytics from your desktop, hover over your profile picture in the top right, then choose View Analytics .

From here, you can see all of your metrics and use them to shape your strategy. Metrics include Overview Analytics (performance as of a specific date range), Content Analytics (specific post metrics), Follower Analytics (information about your followers), and live analytics (statistics about the live videos you have posted).

For more details, see our full guide to TikTok analytics.

How to View Videos Saved on TikTok on Desktop

Sorry, folks: As of MARCH 2022, there’s no way to easily see your photos saved through TikTok on desktop. Check this space for updates and browse your favorite saved content on your phone, for now.

How to Manage TikTok Notifications on Desktop

Because TikTok for desktop has a bigger screen (most of the time, isn’t it crazy how mobile tech started big, got really small, and is now big again?), you can see more features at a time, and it’s especially useful for notifications.

On your desktop, it’s easy to filter notifications by type. Just go to the top right and click on the Inbox icon, which is just to the left of your profile picture.

TikTok notifications on desktop

From there, you can easily filter your likes, comments, mentions, and followers. Just click on the type of notification you want to see, and you’re set.

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