In Windows 10 or Windows 11, you have the option to adjust the brightness of your screen in several ways . In contrast, Microsoft’s operating system does not allow you to adjust the brightness of an external monitor. In this sense, today I present to you Twinkle Tray , an open source software that allows you to easily manage the brightness levels of multiple monitors . To learn more about this tool and how it works, I invite you to continue reading this article.

Adjust Brightness of Multiple Monitors in Windows 11/10

Twinkle Tray is a free and open source application available on Windows developed by Alexander Frangos. Thanks to it, you will be able to control the brightness of all your PC screens. The app is available for free download from the GitHub platform or via the Microsoft Store.

Once installed, the application is grafted in the form of an icon in the Windows notification area (next to the time). Then just click on it to easily adjust the brightness of your monitors using sliders. These brightness sliders can adjust one or all screens at once (your choice).

In addition, Twinkle Tray offers various interesting options. First, you can change the app’s default icon in the notification area. In addition, you have the possibility to rename the screens and change their display order in the menu. But that’s not all. The app also offers you to automatically adjust your screens to a specific brightness level according to a certain time. For example, you can ask the app to lower the brightness at the end of the day to avoid eye strain.

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In addition, you can configure hotkeys to increase or decrease the brightness of one or all screens, as well as to turn them off automatically.

Twinkle Tray general settings

Finally, note that to use Twinkle Tray, you must have DDC/CI compatible monitors. Most monitors have this feature, however it may not be enabled by default. Therefore, make sure this feature is enabled before using the app. If you do not know how to proceed, I invite you to use the user manual of your monitor.

How to use Twinkle Tray?

Twinkle Tray is a very easy to use application. Here’s how it works.

1. Start by downloading the Twinkle Tray application from the GitHub platform or via the Microsoft Store .

2. Once installed, the app icon will show in the notification area. Left-click on it to display the menu that allows you to adjust the brightness of your PC screens. To do this, use the slider displayed under the name of each screen.

In addition, you will find an icon with a crossed out screen that allows you to turn off your monitor.

Adjust screen brightness with Twinkle Tray

3. Finally, to access the application settings, right-click on the Twinkle Tray icon, then select ” Settings “.

Twinkle Tray Parameters

Well, that’s as simple as that

What you must remember

All in all, Twinkle Tray is a great free alternative to Windows 10 and 11 brightness control. The app offers a host of features that the operating system doesn’t. In particular, you can configure keyboard shortcuts, adjust the brightness according to the day, but also and above all adjust the brightness of several screens.

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