How to use UUP Dump to download Windows 11 or any ISO file [ Ultimate Tutorial]

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In this tutorial, we will learn How to use UUP Dump to download Windows 11 or any ISO file [ Ultimate Tutorial] – 2023

1. In any browser, open the following link to go to UUP Dump:

UUP dump lets you download Unified Update Platform files, like Windows Insider updates, directly from Windows Update.

UUP dump

Download UUP files from Windows Update servers with ease. This project is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation.
2. Select your Insider channel:

Select your preferred channel, and click the button for preferred bit architecture. Notice that Windows 11 is currently (July 2021) available in Dev Channel only, and that it is not available as x86 / 32-bit version. UUP Dump takes some time to create an ISO from downloaded UUP files; if you just want the latest public release, it’s faster to get it directly from Microsoft. See tutorial on our sister site Ten Forums:

Download Windows 10 ISO File

How to Download Official Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft
3. Select link to your chosen Insider build:

4. Select your preferred language from drop down list (language of the ISO), and click Next:

5. Select editions you want to download. (#1 in next screenshot). Notice that edition Windows Team is an Enterprise edition to be used in Surface Hub, and the N editions are normal Windows editions without media components like Windows Media Player. N editions need a specific N edition product key, and cannot be activated with standard Windows product keys.

Later, you can select additional editions to be added to your ISO (#2 in screenshot):

I recommend selecting only the HOME or PRO edition (or both), according to your needs. Click Next to proceed.

6. You will see a summary of your choices (#1 in next screenshot). The default setting is Download and convert to ISO (#2 in screenshot). An important choice is to select Integrate updates when available (#3 in screenshot). For instance, when creating build 22000 ISO today (July 2021), unselecting this will create a build 22000.1 ISO image, instead of fully updated build 22000.51 image.

In screenshot item #2, selecting Download, add additional editions and convert to ISO allows you to add additional Windows images to ISO.

7. In this example, I chose to add additional editions. I chose to integrate all updates (#1 in next screenshot), and add Pro for Workstations and Enterprise images (#2 in screenshot) to ISO:

8. When you have done your selections, click Create download package:

9. A ZIP archive file will be downloaded. As always when downloading any script, archive or executable file, you need to unblock it first. Right click the downloaded ZIP archive, select Properties, select Unblock, and click OK:

10. Again, right click the downloaded ZIP archive. Select Extract all, accepting all defaults in next screen titled Select a destination and extract files:

11. The ZIP archive will be extracted to a new folder, which will be opened automatically. Run the uup_download_windows.cmd file:

12. UUP Dump starts to download necessary UUP files:

12. When download has finished, UUP Dump starts to build the ISO. A tell-tale of download finishing and building ISO starting is the change of background colour from black to blue :

13. Wait patiently, the process will take some time. When ready, text Press 0 to exit will be shown, Command Prompt window will close when you press 0. Alternatively, window can be closed from right top corner:

14. A new ISO file can be found in folder where you extracted the ZIP archive:

15. Checking the ISO, you will see that all your selected Windows editions are included:

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