How to Use Velja to Choose Which Browser to Open Your Links With

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I’m not going to beat around the bush – Velja is a super practical and completely free application for macOS that lets you open links in the browser of your choice. You can even establish rules to indicate which browser should be used for certain links or applications.

Comparison of the most popular web browsers

I’m not sure if I’m being very clear, so let me give you an example. You can set Safari as your default browser, but when you click on a Google Meet link for your next video call, it will automatically open in Chrome. Similarly, if you click on a Figma link, it will open directly in the Figma Desktop app

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Velja also allows you to delete tracking parameters such as Google UTM, or those set by Twitter and Facebook, in order to preserve your privacy. The app supports over 200 tracking parameters and is also able to anonymize TikTok links so you are not tracked while watching videos.

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You can also configure hotkeys for faster access and customize the rules for opening certain links in a specific browser profile or native app. For example, you could set all links from Slack to open in Google Chrome with your “work” profile to avoid personal leaks.

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In short, Velja is discreet and super practical, allowing you to avoid struggling with links that don’t open correctly in a particular browser or application. With Velja, you have full control and can set your own rules for how links are opened.

Velja is available here on the Apple AppStore.

And if you’re on Linux, there’s an equivalent program called Junction .

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