How to use VPaint – An editor to draw and animate vector graphics

VGC Software has developed technology to facilitate the creation of resolution-independent illustrations and animations. As you know, in animation, for it to look good, the human eye needs to perceive a minimum of 24 frames per second. By drawing by hand, this means producing 24 drawings for one second of film.

With its VPaint software, still in beta, it is possible for free to draw by hand and then define the width of the lines, their curvature, their smoothing in vector, and then put all that in color.

But the best thing about it is that it then becomes possible to create an animation by drawing each image or by automatically generating the transition images. The tool also incorporates a layer system, which makes it possible to superimpose several views.

Even if I suspect that animation professionals use much more complex and expensive tools, VPaint allows everyone to create, for example, a small cartoon, an animation for a website or even a freehand logo which will then be ” easily correctable.

Paint is downloadable here for Linux, Windows and macOS.

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