How to use Windows 10 God Mode – Easy Guide 2022

Table of Contents

  • Windows 10 God Mode
  • Create Windows 10 God Mode Manually
  • Windows 10 God Mode Video Demo
  • Deploying Windows 10 God Mode to Multiple Computers
    • Group Policy
    • System Center Configuration Manager
    • Task Sequence Deployment
    • Package Deployment
    • Application Deployment
    • Deployment to End Users
  • MSI Installer
  • Windows 10 God Mode Alternative – Ultimate Settings Panel

God Mode for Windows is nothing new but have you got Windows 10 God Mode setup and do you want to deploy to end users?

As you may have seen some time ago in this post, God Mode could be setup and used in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to give you a huge amount of Windows configuration items. But with everyone now gradually moving over to Windows 10, can you still setup this useful feature?

Windows 10 God Mode

Well, the good news is that, yes, you can setup Windows 10 God Mode.

The process is actually exactly the same as it was for the previous releases of Microsoft Windows. But, we will go ahead and show you a few different methods to get God Mode on to your Windows 10 machine. We will also should you how to deploy Windows 10 God Mode if you want to do this in a corporate environment.

We will also show you a few alternatives that you may be interested in.

Create Windows 10 God Mode Manually

This is probably the most likely way that anyone will create the God Mode, on a single computer, quick and easy.

All you need to do is to carry out the following steps.

Right click on your Windows 10 Desktop and from the right click menu select New > Folder:

This will create a new folder on your desktop:

Give this new folder the following name:


You will notice that the icon of the folder will now change to a Control Panel icon. This means that the folder has been setup correctly, so go ahead and double click the folder.

This will open the God Mode list of settings:

You can then have a browse around the options available to you, in total there are 214!

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Windows 10 God Mode Video Demo

The video below will give you a quick run through of how to create the folder to give you access to God Mode:

Deploying Windows 10 God Mode to Multiple Computers

So, you now know how to create the God Mode folder on a single machine and yes, you could go around various machines and add this easily enough. However, what if you want to deploy it in a corporate environment? 

Well there are many options open to you depending on your infrastructure setup.

Group Policy

The most obvious choice is to use Group Policy as this is a feature almost any corporate environment would have. You could create a new Group Policy Object (GPO) and use the Preferences to create the Windows 10 God Mode folder on the desktop.

Then deploy the Group Policy Object to your selected Organizational Unit and there you go, Windows 10 God Mode deployed in bulk!

System Center Configuration Manager

If you have System Center Configuration Manager available to you on your corporate network, then you can use it to deploy Windows 10 God Mode.

You could use any of the deployment features within System Center Configuration Manager to carry this task out, including Task Sequence, Package and Application deployment.

Task Sequence Deployment

For a Task Sequence deployment, just create a new Task Sequence and add a Run Command Line step. Then use the following command line:

cmd.exe /c mkdir "%userprofile%\Desktop\GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"

When this task sequence is run on a users machine, it will create the Windows 10 God Mode folder on their desktop.

Package Deployment

You could also create a Program within System Center Configuration Manager to deploy Windows 10 God Mode.

When you create the program, there will be no need for any source folders so just complete the parts you want to and click Next:

Then select Standard Program and click Next:

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You then should fill out the parts of the form that you want to, but include the magic Windows 10 God Mode code for the Command Line:

cmd.exe /c mkdir "%userprofile%\Desktop\GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"

Complete the wizard as you see fit and then you can deploy the package as per your own procedures.

Application Deployment

If you want to create an Application deployment for Windows 10 God Mode then we would suggest that you use the command line from the task sequence option above and place that into a batch file. Then, add this batch file to your source location and create an Application using that source location with your batch file in it.

Then setup a manual installer using the batch file source location and the program installer will be the batch file itself.

Once deployed, the batch file will run and create the folder on the end users desktop.

Deployment to End Users

Using these methods you can then choose to push Windows 10 God Mode out to collections that you wish to push it to, or you can make it available through your Software Center so your end users can install or request upon demand.

MSI Installer

If you wish to use an MSI installer for even easier deployment, then you are in luck as we have already created one ready for you to use and as with all our downloads – completely free.

Just go ahead and click the button below to take you to the God Mode MSI download page:

Download MSI Installer

Note that this MSI installer can also be used with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 should you have those still in your environment.

Windows 10 God Mode Alternative – Ultimate Settings Panel

If you are looking for something a little different with many more options than Windows 10 God Mode, then you should go ahead and take a look at our Open Source utility, Ultimate Settings Panel.

It has a larger number of settings available and comes with a very user friendly tab interface as well as some other tidy little features:

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You can download Ultimate Settings Panel completely free, just click the download button below:

Download Ultimate Settings Panel

Ultimate Settings Panel is an open source program available on Windows that lists hundreds of shortcut links to a large number of system tools and configuration items.

If you use Windows 10, you know that Microsoft currently uses a two-tier approach to settings. On one side is the classic Control Panel and on the other is the new Settings app.

This means that you have to switch between the two tools to configure and manage Windows 10, which is not very convenient.

Ultimate Settings Panel

Ultimate Settings Panel was designed to provide you with links to the majority of Windows tools and configuration items. So, rather than having to juggle between various programs and command lines, you can use this program to quickly launch tools.

When you first launch Ultimate Settings Panel, you are presented with a massive list of links to various tools and options. I’m not going to list them one by one because otherwise I would spend the night there…

The program displays a tab bar at the top that you can use to switch to the different groups: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, Control Panel, Server Administration, Chrome and so on.

Granted, this layout can be quite confusing, as it’s not necessarily very self-explanatory to find a particular entry.

To launch an item listed in the program interface, you just need to click on it. Please note that there is no option to run a tool as administrator unless you launch Ultimate Settings Panel in administrator mode.

Now, I invite you to watch the short video below to discover the program in a little more detail.

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