Twitch is a streamer’s paradise. Every day, millions of people connect to the platform to watch live streams and visit channels of all kinds. If you’re one of those Twitch users, you know there are plenty of third-party apps and online tools you can use to enhance your experience on the platform. Twitch Sub Vod is one of them. This online tool allows you to watch Twitch replays (also called replays or VOD) for free and without a subscription .

  1. Get free access to Twitch replays (sub only)
  2. A multi-functional web application
  3. How do I watch a replay on Twitch without being a subscriber ?
  4. Watch a Twitch replay for free and without a subscription with Twitch Recover 

Get free access to Twitch replays (sub only)

During confinement, Twitch saw its numbers explode. In 2020, the platform recorded 5 billion hours of viewing. During the same year, it received an average of 17.5 million unique visitors per day worldwide.

This success can easily be understood. It must be said that Twitch has it all. However, there is one thing that Internet users criticize him for. The latter particularly deplore the fact that Twitch replays are only accessible to subscribers. Luckily, there is an alternative that lets you watch Twitch replays for free without a subscription . This solution comes in the form of an online tool named Twitch Sub VOD (

regarder replay twitch sans abonnement twitch sub vod
How to watch Twitch replays (sub only) without being a subscriber ? 9

A multi-functional web application

Twitch Sub VOD is a web application that gives you many possibilities. In addition to allowing you to watch Twitch replays without being a subscriber , it helps you find videos or replays that have already been deleted from the platform. What’s more, the app allows you to download Twitch videos .

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What we appreciate with Twitch Sub VOD is its ease of use. The application has a simplified interface. Note that it works directly in your web browser on mobile or computer. It is important to remember that Twitch Sub VOD is in no way affiliated with Twitch.

How do I watch a replay on Twitch without being a subscriber?

The use of Twitch Sub VOD is within everyone’s reach. To watch a Twitch replay for free , you just have to insert the username of the streamer of your choice in the search bar provided for this purpose. You will need to do the same to find replays that have been deleted from the platform or to download videos from your favorite streamers .

Finally, note that the source code for Twitch Sub VOD is available on the GitHub platform.

Watch a Twitch replay for free and without a subscription with Twitch Recover 

Twitch Recover is a free software that allows you to watch sub-only replays of Twitch lives without a subscription. Even better, the tool lets you download any type of Twitch video (VODs, clips, streams, etc.). The only limitation of this software is that it gives you access to all replays, only when they are still present on the Twitch servers. As the platform is currently removing many VODs, you may not find the video you want to watch (especially if it is not a recent video).

Before explaining how to use Twitch Recover, remember that viewing Twitch replays without a subscription is not authorized by the platform. Also remember that, like ad blockers on websites (including ours), this practice does not remunerate the work of videographers.

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To watch a sub-only Twitch replay without being a subscriber, follow these steps:

1. start with Download Twitch Recover from the GitHub platform. To do this, click on the link Twitch.Recover.Setup.exe.

2. Then proceed to install the software.

3. Run Twitch Recover.

4. A Command Prompt window will then open. From the latter, several options are available to you. For watch a Twitch replay (without subscription)type 3 and confirm with Hall.

Watch a Twitch replay without a subscription

5. Then paste the URL (link) to the Twitch replay you want to watch.

regarder replay twitch gratuit twitch recover image 2

6. Twitch Recover lists the different video quality available (source, 720p60fps, 720p30fps, 480p30fps, etc.). Choose the one you want. For best quality, I suggest you select “Source”. In this case, in my example, I have to type 6then validate with Hall.

regarder replay twitch gratuit twitch recover image 3

7. Then get the URL provided by Twitch Recover (next to Result). To copy the link, simply select it.

regarder replay twitch gratuit twitch recover image 4

8. Then open VLCthen click on the “ Media ” and ” Open a network stream “.

regarder replay twitch gratuit twitch recover image 5

9. Under ” Enter a network URL “, paste the link you previously copied in step 7, and click on ” Read “.

Watch Free Twitch Replay in VLC

10. The Twitch replay will start instantly. All you have to do is enjoy ?

✅ That’s it, now you know how to watch Twitch replays easily and for free on VLC.

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