How to write a good press release ?

The press release remains one of the main sources of information for journalists . It is a tool that can have significant benefits for your business. Provided you respect the codes. Indeed, the objective of the press release is to convey important information or news about your company . Do you want to write a good press release but don’t know where to start? Follow this guide and learn our tips for writing an impactful press release.

What we will see together:

  • Identify in advance the subject and the objective of the press release
  • Structure the text to write a good press release 
  • A strong idea per press release
  • Prioritize content quality so as not to lose readers 
  • Submit your press release
Easy tutoriels
Easy tutoriels

Identify in advance the subject and the objective of the press release

Newspapers and the media are fond of exclusives and news . Because like content creators, the media want to attract and retain their audience. Interest in the company is also important. Indeed, a press article contributes to the notoriety and credibility in the eyes of its customers, its prospects but also its economic partners.

Communicating in this way can help a company stand out from its competitors and build a good relationship with journalists . To be sure to send a good press release, the first thing to do before even starting writing is to ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the press release?
  2. What is the subject and angle of the press release?
  3. Who will be the recipients of the press release?

We will answer these three questions together.

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The purpose of a press release

A company may have several reasons for writing a press release: presenting a new product, communicating about an event it is organizing or even launching a marketing action. The other objectives that we will not put forward are also to retain existing customers, canvass new customers , reassure investors or more simply to acquire more notoriety .

The subject of the press release

Once the objective has been defined, it is important to think about the angle of the subject that is going to be put forward and its relevance for the final reader. Any important change in the life of a company can be the subject of a press release. Is it a product or service launch ? A new partnership? The important thing is to limit yourself to one subject per press release. It is then possible to send out new press releases on a regular basis.

The recipient of the press release

What type of media does the company want to target. ? Is it the general press, a specialized media? This is the dissemination of the message to our target. To choose the right media to send our press release to, we must first understand who their readers are. This reminds me of a question that I systematically ask during my digital marketing support: how does your persona get informed ?

Structure the text to write a good press release 

You are now going to structure your press release to get your message across.

A catchy title

Naturally, the title must attract the journalist. Show figures if you have them and avoid the superlatives that are usually found in advertisements. A short and catchy formula , ideally copywritten with the important information to remember should make him want to read more.

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A synthetic chapo

The chapô corresponds to the introduction of the press release. In 5 lines maximum you must present the main information in its context. To do this, try to answer the 6 questions who, what, when, where, why and how. The chapô must be clear and punchy because some journalists in a hurry will only read this part.

The body of the press release

For writing your press release, I will invite you to use the inverted pyramid technique. Nothing to do with a yoga posture. It is simply a writing technique that consists of starting by detailing the most important information. Add illustrations, such as photos or infographics that will be used in news articles. You can also provide a link to a video or a page on your website.

Mandatory mentions

The press release must of course bear the mention “Press release”. Indicate the date of the press release and a part about your company. Remember that this is also a communication document that you can offer for download on a dedicated page on your site. Thus, your press release must respect your graphic charter and use your logo in the header.

A press contact

The press release must mention the contact details of the contact person to whom to contact in case of questions. You must really be keen to make the journalist’s job easier. Because like you, his time is precious and he has deadlines to meet. This is especially true for daily paper newspapers or weekly magazines.

A strong idea per press release

The press release must present only one event , in order not to overload the document. Sentences should be short and clear , using active and positive turns of phrase where possible. If a sentence does not provide any information, delete it.

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Prioritize content quality so as not to lose readers 

Do not use jargon. If you must use acronyms, explain them. Avoid superlatives and adopt an objective tone, that is to say rather neutral. Seek to develop an angle that may interest readers of the media. Indeed, remember that journalists or influencers write to interest their readers and that they seek to offer them relevant content . This will be your common thread when writing the press release.

Submit your press release

Once this press release has been written, email remains the preferred means of communication for journalists. You also have the option of following up with your interlocutor by telephone. Finally, in press relations, our desire is to create and then maintain a good relationship with press companies. And the press release still has good days to come since it remains the favorite tool of journalists.

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