This isn’t the first time I’ve talked to you about art-generating AIs, but there is a feature found in DallE-2 and Stable Diffusion that is really cool and that I invite you to try today : Outpainting.

Outpainting consists of generating from an existing image, everything that is outside the image field (or that has been erased on the image), thanks to AI.

And even if the result is sometimes approximate, it’s fun to do. Infinity Diffusion Stable thus proposes a web interface for Stable Diffusion which makes it possible to fill like that a “Canvas” (a canvas what) which is infinite.

So, starting from an Instagram photo of my spirited person…

I was able to use a few basic prompts to obtain this result:

So yes it’s ugly, but I didn’t spend hours there either. I think by taking it slow, and taking a lot of time and doing a lot of testing, you can come up with something more cohesive and pretty.

But beware, once you put your finger in it, you’ll be there all day, so watch out.

To install this stuff, you can run in the local installationor go directly to the colab. But if you don’t wanna waste time, it’s like every time on HuggingFace that’s happening.

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