InfinityConverter: Ultra-fast image and video conversion software

Do you need software to convert images and videos for free and quickly? Try InfinityConverter. It is an application available in the Microsoft Store that is very easy to use and easily converts your content into the desired format.

What formats are supported by InfinityConverter?

Thanks to this application, you can convert images in various formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF and even PDF. It can also convert videos in AVI, MP4, MPEG, WEBM, FLV, MOV and WMV formats.

You should know that this image and video converter software is completely free and only works on Windows 10. The application is only available in English. However, even if you are not familiar with the language of Shakespeare, you will have no trouble using the application.

How to use this software to convert an image?

To convert an image , you must first select it on your computer using the ” Choose image or drop here ” button. Note that the application also supports drag and drop.

You will then have a preview of the downloaded image. Then select the output format using the drop-down menu. Then, click on the “ Destination Folder ” button to choose the destination folder in which the image in the desired format will be stored. You just have to click on the ” Convert ” button to start the image conversion process.

How to convert video with InfinityConverter?

To convert a video , it is exactly the same process as for the conversion of images. At first, you need to select the video to convert and select the format you want to convert it to. Then choose the destination folder and start the conversion.

You should know that InfinityConverter has a built-in player that allows you to view the downloaded video during its conversion. This software is distinguished by the speed of converting videos which greatly surpasses other software and online tools of the same kind.

A software that repairs and converts PDF files

Besides, InfinityConverter is not only for converting images and videos. It also allows you to combine and repair PDF files or convert DOCX files to PDF . To do this, click on the “ Tools ” menu (at the top of the window), then select the tool of your choice.

In other words, InfinityConverter is a must-try conversion tool for your next image and/or video conversions! And if you want a program that supports more formats, I suggest Shutter Encoder .

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