That’s it, you have chosen the right influencer for your next marketing campaign, he agrees to work with you, but under what conditions? Next step: writing a brief so that he knows exactly what he has to do and that he accepts a contract in good and due form. However, if you have the right to have some requirements, the creativity and freedom of speech of the influencer
should not be hindered. So, how to write this brief? We tell you everything!

What is an influencer brief?

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To put it simply, it is the roadmap of your collaboration with the chosen influencer . It is in this document that you will clearly and simply describe the role of the influencer and the results you expect from your work together.
We can see the brief as the business plan of your collaboration. What are your campaign goals? What are the performance indicators you intend to use to gauge the success of your collaboration? All of this should be clear.
This document also avoids getting lost along the way! If your collaboration lasts several months, the influencer may lose sight of your initial objectives. The brief will be useful to remind him of the terms of your partnershipand, if necessary, invalidate content that does not meet your expectations.

What the brief is not (and should not be!)

The brief can be compared to beacons that you put on the road to your collaboration with an influencer. These tags should not become a prison preventing him from expressing his creativity or bringing his personal touch. Never forget that he built his community around his personality, his crushes and his rants. He knows very well the audience he has to address, he knows the expectations and preferences of his followers. Give him the freedom to make proposals to you, while remaining within the framework of your objectives. Don’t lock him up!

The key points to find in a brief

For an effective brief, here are the key elements to respect:

The context of the campaign

Be clear and precise in your words, write exactly what you want the influencer to understand. What is your campaign in? Does it integrate a larger, multi-support operation? Is it timely to boost your brand awareness on social networks? Do you want to conquer a new segment of the market?

Your values

What are the values ​​that should be reflected in the influencer’s messages? You can also talk about your position on the market… with complete objectivity of course!

Your message

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What do you want your audience to take away after seeing the influencer’s posts? In this section of the brief, add the performance indicators that you will use to assess the effectiveness of the message. Once again, be very clear from the start to avoid any misunderstandings along the way and allow you a fruitful and serene collaboration.


What are the formats that the influencer will be able to use? Videos, live, photos or stories? Don’t forget to discuss it with him beforehand. Some influencers are true photographers at heart, others prefer live tutorials. It is important to agree on the format.

Validation conditions

What do you absolutely need to find in the content to validate it? Conversely, which elements should not appear?
Note that the terms should not impede the soul of the influencer’s account. Some always use a specific filter, others highlight a color or an atmosphere, which it will be impossible for you to invalidate.

Your Content Rights

Do you plan to reuse the influencer’s content after the campaign? If yes, in what way ? On your social networks, in your paid advertisements, on your print media… The influencer must be kept informed of the rights he is going to transfer.

The call to action

Depending on the objective of your campaign, the influencer will have to include a call-to-action in their publication. See with him if he should encourage visitors to visit your website, subscribe to your brand on social networks, contact you by message, etc.
A brief written in the rules of the art is the guarantee of a win-win collaboration with the influencer. The secret is to be clear and precise on all points so that your campaign experiences a success compatible with your objectives! 

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