Many Internet users use GAFAM services to send emails, store their files in the cloud or even to create an online meeting. And yet, you just have to turn your head to discover other actors who are much more respectful of privacy. This is particularly the case of the Infomaniak company based in Geneva, Switzerland, which recently launched Etik , a free alternative to the giants of the Web . To find out more about the services and products offered by Infomaniak, I invite you to continue reading.

Etik, the best free alternative to the web giants

On February 7, 2022, Infomaniak launched , an ecosystem that brings together many free alternatives to GAFAM services. Ad-free and respectful of privacy, Infomaniak offers an email service, cloud storage space, a videoconference and file transfer service, and much more.

However, unlike the Web giants, respect for privacy is at the heart of Infomaniak’s concerns. Therefore, you can be sure that your data will never be sold to third parties. The company’s business model relies solely on the sales of their paid solutions. That being said, let’s take a look at the different services that Infomaniak offers to European residents.

Infomaniak Mail, a complete email service

Infomaniak Mail is undoubtedly the best alternative to Gmail . It is a service that allows you to create an email address for free and for life in, or

Also, you will have 20GB of storage space to store all your emails with full spam and phishing protection . In addition, you will benefit from synchronization of e-mails , your contacts and your appointments on all your devices .

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Infomaniak Mail: a free and privacy-friendly email service

Are you convinced? Perfect ! You can migrate to Infomaniak Mail without any effort. Indeed, the service offers you to import your emails from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and other email providers without any problem.

kDrive, smart cloud storage

kDrive is Infomaniak’s cloud storage service . Thanks to this service, you can store all your documents, photos and videos and find them on all your devices. Indeed, kDrive is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iPhone.

In its free version, kDrive offers you a storage space of 15 GB without any advertising . And unlike Google, this storage space is not shared between different services. You have 20 GB free for emails and 15 GB for cloud storage.

In terms of functionality, kDrive offers you various tools (Docs, Grid and Points) which allow you to work directly in your web browser on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Of course, it also works with LibreOffice or OpenOffice documents.

Infomaniak Docs
Infomaniak Grids
Infomaniak Points

In addition, you can also create folders to categorize your files or let kDrive’s artificial intelligence (AI) sort them for you. Thus, you will no longer waste time finding a document (invoice, contract, order, etc.).

Moreover, kDrive offers you a module that allows you to share well-defined documents with other users via a simple link.

kDrive: free cloud storage

Finally, note that kDrive offers you a tool that allows you to import your data from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OwnCloud, NetCloud, Hubic or Webdav. You will therefore no longer have any excuse not to migrate to kDrive.

kMeet, the videoconferencing service

kMeet is a free and secure video conferencing service . Thus, you can organize online meetings from all your devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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This video conferencing solution is completely free and requires no registration. Moreover, you can invite as many people as you want and without any time limit. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

kMeet is also respectful of privacy. Your exchanges are encrypted and meetings can be protected by a password.

Finally, note that kMeet offers screen sharing with an annotation system as well as virtual backgrounds to prevent your interlocutors from seeing everything that is happening behind you (practical for teleworkers).

kMeet: a free and secure videoconferencing service

SwissTransfer, safe file sharing

SwissTransfer is a file transfer service that you can use to share files up to 50 GB ! And again, it’s free and without registration. The only limit imposed by the service is that you cannot exceed 500 transfers per day, which is more than comfortable.

SwissTransfer: free file sharing service

Also, note that the file sharing service offers you several options. In particular, you can choose the validity period of your files and set a download limit. In addition, you have the option of sharing your files by email or via a simple link (your choice).

Finally, to protect your files, you can set a password. Thus, only the interlocutors with whom you share the precious sesame will be able to download your files.

Why think about leaving Google/Microsoft?

Unlike GAFAM, Infomaniak will never collect your data to resell it to third parties. In addition, all services offered by the company are guaranteed to be ad-free and privacy-friendly. So you won’t be bothered by ads while you’re working.

Furthermore, Infomaniak also wants to be ecological. Indeed, to power its servers, the company uses only renewable energy. Moreover, its future data center will fully recover the heat given off by the servers to heat homes in winter and produce domestic hot water in summer. In addition, Infomaniak plans to deploy its first 600 kW solar power plant this year for one of its datacenters.

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With its expertise and its technological independence, the company wishes to be an independent European alternative to the giants of the Web. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to this project, leave GAFAM and opt for Infomaniak services!

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