Instagram 2022: soon several links in the bio?

Instagram wants to allow its users to add multiple links in their bio.

A new option to add multiple links in bio

It seems that Instagram has been working for several months on a very useful function: the possibility of adding several links within a bio. For now, the social network only allows the addition of a link in its profile description. A restriction that limits the possibilities for platform users, and in particular content creators, who often have a lot of information to share.

At the same time, since the end of last year, mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has shared several leaks of the future option. Initially, Instagram only relied on adding a second link to the Facebook profile of Internet users:


Moreover, the social network seems to have changed its strategy since, by proposing the addition of multiple external links. Internet users would therefore have the possibility of displaying:

  • Several external links, which redirect to any web page,
  • A Facebook profile,
  • A Facebook group.


On the other hand, we do not yet know how many links will be authorized at most, nor when this function will be available.

A long-awaited function on Instagram

For several years, users of the social network have been pleading for the possibility of adding several links in their Instagram bio. Indeed, the social network does not allow the sharing of links in the descriptions of the posts, or in the comments. Thus, the bio is the only place where users can insert clickable links.

The need is such that many tools have been created to circumvent this restriction, such as Linktree , Campsite or OhMyBio . These solutions make it possible to create landing pages, which offer the possibility of integrating several links and CTAs. In general, you can also customize these pages with your graphic charter. A good alternative, while waiting for Instagram to formalize this feature.

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