Is Easy Diffusion the Best Alternative to Midjourney? Discover the Benefits

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Are you fascinated by the power of Artificial Intelligence, and would you like to generate creative images without paying a subscription to Midjourney or investing too much effort into the technique?”

It’s possible with Easy Diffusion.

So, whether you’re a novice or a self-proclaimed AI expert, Easy Diffusion can help you meet all your imaging needs. There’s no need to take the lead on the installation – everything is managed in one click or accessible directly via this website.

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You can benefit from Easy Diffusion on Windows, macOS, or Linux, with a clear and user-friendly graphical interface, as well as a task queue that allows you to line up all your ideas without having to wait for the completion of the current task. This is particularly convenient for impatient people like myself.

Easy Diffusion offers access to a range of advanced features, including smart pattern detection, live preview, inpainting, base-image drawing, face correction (GFPGAN), highlighting, scaling (RealESRGAN), generation of similar images, and more.

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In addition, you can customize the look of the user interface and choose from a list of community-developed plugins. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even write your own plugin.

Do you need a powerful GPU to use Easy Diffusion? No, you don’t! Easy Diffusion is capable of running on CPU as well. Plus, if you encounter any difficulties while using the software, there’s even a Discord server where you can find help from other users.

Please note that the authors of this project are not responsible for the content generated using this interface, as there is no censorship involved. Please use Easy Diffusion responsibly and with consideration for others.

It’s up to you to give it a try! You can access Easy Diffusion here.

User experience

  • Hassle-free installation: Does not require technical knowledge, does not require pre-installed software. Just download and run!
  • Clutter-free UI: A friendly and simple UI, while providing a lot of powerful features.
  • Task Queue: Queue up all your ideas, without waiting for the current task to finish.
  • Intelligent Model Detection: Automatically figures out the YAML config file to use for the chosen model (via a models database).
  • Live Preview: See the image as the AI is drawing it.
  • Image Modifiers: A library of modifier tags like “Realistic”“Pencil Sketch”“ArtStation” etc. Experiment with various styles quickly.
  • Multiple Prompts File: Queue multiple prompts by entering one prompt per line, or by running a text file.
  • Save generated images to disk: Save your images to your PC!
  • UI Themes: Customize the program to your liking.
  • Organize your models into sub-folders

Image generation

  • Supports: “Text to Image” and “Image to Image“.
  • 14 Samplers: ddim, plms, heun, euler, euler_a, dpm2, dpm2_a, lms, dpm_solver_stability, dpmpp_2s_a, dpmpp_2m, dpmpp_sde, dpm_fast, dpm_adaptive
  • In-Painting: Specify areas of your image to paint into.
  • Simple Drawing Tool: Draw basic images to guide the AI, without needing an external drawing program.
  • Face Correction (GFPGAN)
  • Upscaling (RealESRGAN)
  • Loopback: Use the output image as the input image for the next img2img task.
  • Negative Prompt: Specify aspects of the image to remove.
  • Attention/Emphasis: () in the prompt increases the model’s attention to enclosed words, and [] decreases it.
  • Weighted Prompts: Use weights for specific words in your prompt to change their importance, e.g. red:2.4 dragon:1.2.
  • Prompt Matrix: Quickly create multiple variations of your prompt, e.g. a photograph of an astronaut riding a horse | illustration | cinematic lighting.
  • 1-click Upscale/Face Correction: Upscale or correct an image after it has been generated.
  • Make Similar Images: Click to generate multiple variations of a generated image.
  • NSFW Setting: A setting in the UI to control NSFW content.
  • JPEG/PNG output: Multiple file formats.

Advanced features

  • Custom Models: Use your own .ckpt or .safetensors file, by placing it inside the models/stable-diffusion folder!
  • Stable Diffusion 2.1 support
  • Merge Models
  • Use custom VAE models
  • Use pre-trained Hypernetworks
  • UI Plugins: Choose from a growing list of community-generated UI plugins, or write your own plugin to add features to the project!

Performance and security

  • Fast: Creates a 512×512 image with euler_a in 5 seconds, on an NVIDIA 3060 12GB.
  • Low Memory Usage: Create 512×512 images with less than 3 GB of GPU RAM, and 768×768 images with less than 4 GB of GPU RAM!
  • Use CPU setting: If you don’t have a compatible graphics card, but still want to run it on your CPU.
  • Multi-GPU support: Automatically spreads your tasks across multiple GPUs (if available), for faster performance!
  • Auto scan for malicious models: Uses picklescan to prevent malicious models.
  • Safetensors support: Support loading models in the safetensor format, for improved safety.
  • Auto-updater: Gets you the latest improvements and bug-fixes to a rapidly evolving project.
  • Developer Console: A developer-mode for those who want to modify their Stable Diffusion code, and edit the conda environment.

(and a lot more)

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