Stepn has created a real tidal wave in the world of cryptos and web3 since its launch in December 2021, and has, in the process, greatly democratized the concept of “ Move-to-earn ”. As a result, many projects strongly inspired by, and sometimes even copying Stepn, have emerged recently, including Jumpn (JST).

But what is this project actually worth? Can it claim to compete with Step’n and is it an equally ambitious project, or simple plagiarism? The answers to these questions in this article!

A meteoric rise in recent days

Positively impacted by recent performances and the growing enthusiasm around the Stepn , the Jumpn benefited from exponential growth last week. This, to the point of climbing to first place in the cryptocurrency ranking with the biggest daily increase on CoinMarketCap, going from $0.00016 to $0.0023 in the space of just 24 hours.

Should we jump on the Jumpn train?

Does this increase mean that the project is reliable and that we should invest in it headlong? Absolutely not . Indeed, cryptocurrencies that explode and whose price multiplies in no time, there are a lot of them.

To give you an example, last week another cryptocurrency, by the name of “ELON BUYS TWITTER” (EBT), obviously referring to the news concerning the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk , was multiplied by more than 100 within a day .

This does not mean that this cryptocurrency has potential and is a good investment, just that it has experienced a lot of hype over a short period of time. And the same goes for Jumpn.

Worrying signals around JST

In addition to the fact that this progress does not represent, on its own, a sufficient argument to invest in Jumpn, the project also presents many red flags .

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For starters, everything that revolves around the team. This is not revealed, and no information can be found about the members of the team on their site, except for illustrations of their faces, as well as their position within the project. No real photos, biographies or links to possible social networks for each of them.

That, in itself, is already enough to take tweezers and step back from this project… But it’s not even the only negative signal. Indeed, a link to a site is on the JST page on CoinMarketCap. This one hints that Jumpn might be a honeypot .

For information, a honeypot is a scam whose ultimate goal is to prevent the user who has invested from withdrawing his investment. In this scheme, only the creator of the scam is able to withdraw the money.

As you will have understood, caution is required when it comes to investing in JST. And this, despite its meteoric rise in recent days. An increase should never be the reason behind an investment . It is essential to find out about the reliability of the project beforehand, so as not to give in to a fleeting hype or, even worse, a scam.

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