Kana WallChanger: automatically change wallpaper on Windows

One of the most common customizations that you can do on your PC is of course to change the wallpaper . To do this, just a few manipulations. However, if you want to automate this task, you can opt for the free Kana WallChanger app . The latter allows you to automatically change the background of the Windows Desktop .

Automatically change the Windows desktop background

Kana WallChanger is a free software that automatically changes the Windows Desktop wallpaper at regular intervals . The program is available in installable or portable version. It supports different types of image files, ranging from PNG to BMP to JPG.

When the program is launched, it asks you to select a folder containing all your wallpapers. The folder in question should not contain more than 300 images, otherwise the program will be slowed down. However, note that if you add or delete images in the folder, the software will automatically update its database.

Besides, Kana WallChanger gives you the possibility to automatically resize the image to adapt it to your screen resolution. In addition, you can also change the wallpaper at any time by clicking the software icon in the notification area of ​​the taskbar. Note that you can also configure a keyboard shortcut to change the wallpaper.

Finally, the program allows you to change the order of wallpapers and configure the change interval (from 1 minute to 30 days).

How does Kana WallChanger work?

The operation of Kana WallChanger is very simple. Carefully follow these few steps:

1. Start by downloading Kana WallChanger from the developer’s official website.

2. Once downloaded, you need to extract the contents of the ZIP archive wherever you want. Then, run the Setup.exe file to install the program.

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3. When the program starts, select the folder where all your wallpapers are located. Of course, you can change it at any time from the software settings.

4. A new icon will appear in the notification area. When you right-click on it, a context menu will appear. From the latter, several options are available to you.

  • “ Show Main Windows ”: access Kana WallChanger options.
  • ” Change Wallpaper “: allows you to change the wallpaper instantly.
  • “ Lock Workstation ”: locks the Windows session.
  • “ Activate Screen Saver ”: activate the screen saver.
  • “ Display ”: shortcut to display settings and gives you the possibility to change the resolution of your screen.
  • “ CD Rom ”: allows you to open or close the CD player (if you still have one…).
  • “ Exit Windows ”: shortcuts to disconnect the user session, shut down or restart the computer.
  • “ Options ”: start the program when Windows starts, automatically change the Windows desktop background and hide desktop icons.

5. From the program settings, you will find 4 tabs:

  • From the “ Image List ” tab , you can change the order of the wallpapers, but also add or remove them.
  • In the ” Desktop ” tab , you can notably hide the icons of the Desktop, change the interval of the automatic change of wallpaper or even choose the type of filling.
  • Then, from the “ Options ” tab, you can, among other things, choose the action when you double-click on the program icon.
  • Finally, from the “ Hotkeys ” tab, you have the option of configuring keyboard shortcuts, for example to change wallpaper or to quickly access Kana WallChanger options.

What you must remember

Kana WallChanger is a simple application to automatically change the Windows desktop background. Just select an image folder and it does the rest. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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The application is easy to use software and suitable for all types of users. Although it doesn’t offer as many features as other similar apps, Kana WallChanger is still fun to use.

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