Have you ever heard of LiveboxMonitor ?

No ?

So, allow me to fix that 😉 This is an application that I recently discovered and that will please the owners of Livebox Orange (as long as you are really “owner” of this thing).

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It is a software with graphic interface which will allow you to visualize and control all the devices which connect to your Livebox. Thus, you will be able to monitor network traffic statistics in real time, see active or inactive connected devices, read the event log of a specific connected device, but also control the status of your WiFi or even manage a or more connected Orange WiFi repeaters.

Doc Events

Within Livebox Monitor, you can, for example, customize the names of the devices, view their MAC address, display detailed information on each of them, or even control the signal strength of each Orange access point present in your home.

Doc DeviceInfos AssignName

Like all good software, it’s obviously open source, and available for Windows and Mac on the Github page!

To test !

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