Kirby is back!

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Not even a year after the excellent Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which in my opinion is one of the best Switch games, our favorite little pink ball is back on Planet Pop in a special episode, because it’s actually the remaster of Kirby’s Adventure Wii, except it’s called Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe (closer to the original name). Yeah, after Metroid Prime, Nintendo is really into remasters.

It all starts with the emergency arrival of Magolor, a magician with a completely broken spaceship. Kirby and his friends offer to help him, but they need to find the missing elements scattered across the planet to repair the interstellar ship!

We find ourselves in a classic platformer game, but thanks to the different powers Kirby can absorb (swallow enemies and take their special abilities), there are always new things to try out and the interest is constantly renewed. The levels are well designed, with hidden objects and secret passages, it’s all very clever.

One of the big features of this adventure is that it can be played with up to 4 players on the same screen! Each player controls their own character and all levels are adapted for cooperation. Very cool, very fun. And if you prefer competition, the Magoland park offers lots of mini-games that I found really cool and rather original. With multiple levels of difficulty, there’s plenty to do!

As a remaster, the technical overhaul in HD worthy of 2023 is mainly focused on the graphical aspect, and as often, it’s mainly the graphic aspect that’s improved, and here the attention to detail is extremely pleasing to see. Like any self-respecting Kirby game, it’s incredibly detailed, beautiful, and fluid… Very satisfying. The animations are beautiful and everything is ultra-cute! The soundtrack is also top-notch, in short, it’s a pleasure.

A pleasure from beginning to end, kids in particular will love it, adults too, but hardcore gamers looking for a challenge may be a little disappointed; unless you launch the EXTRA mode that you unlock once you’ve finished the adventure. Another thing to unlock: an epilogue where you play as the famous Magolor! Specific to this Deluxe version, it’s a whole new story with new gameplay. It’s a bonus, it ends in a few hours, but it’s great to progress the character until he regains all his powers!

If you want to get an idea, the demo is available on the eShop!”

Lucille B Reedy

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