Kodi: stream movies and/or TV series from the PC to the living room TV

You want to stream movies that are on your PC to your living room TV, I would say use one Media Center: Kodi .

Kodi, a free-as-air media player

Kodi is therefore an open source Media Center, capable of cataloging all the multimedia files (movies, series, music and even video games) present on your computer, but also anywhere on a local network. He will then draw up an exhaustive database of your content by going to glean information and photos on the Net to illustrate it.

All the files then become accessible in its interface, customizable thanks to all kinds of themes and extensions. A 100% geek software that will perhaps push you to swap your mouse for a remote control as long as your PC allows it!

Kodi’s interface breaks with those of traditional software. To exit a window, go up the menu and click on the two dots (..). Click on the arrow on the left to return to the previous screen and in the lower right corner on the house to return to the home page. Click the bottom left button to display a Start menu . Click on ” Exit ” to return to Windows, and on ” Shut down the system ” to shut down the PC.

Regarding its installation, well I would say that it does not pose any particular problem although at the first launch, a security alert may ask you if the firewall is to allow the software to connect to networks. Then accept that the software connects to private networks.

Also note that the Kodi software installs by default in English. But don’t panic, scroll through its buttons to click on the far right on ” System ” then below on the ”  Settings ” tab. Click on “ Appearance ” then on “ International ” and choose “ your language ” for “ Language ” and “ your region ” for “ Region ”.

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That’s it, for the rest, I’ll let you discover all this 😉

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