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I don’t really like reading e-books on my computer, because I don’t find it very pleasant. I much prefer my Kindle and its soft electronic paper. If Amazon made identical PQ, I would buy it so much I love this support.

On the computer, when I have to, I use Caliber’s built-in reader, but it’s far from sexy. Fortunately, free software called Koodo Reader comes to fill a little this lack of shimmering interface.

The tool supports many book formats (PDF, Epub, CBR, CBZ, DOCX, MOBI, AZW3…etc) and has many customization options. Thus, you can choose the number of columns of text, turn the pages or scroll down, activate text 2 speech (audio playback), take notes, place bookmarks, adjust the font and size of the text as well as the background color, etc.

A dark mode is also available to protect your wet little eyes. You can also create categories (“shelves”) to store your books and if you back up the data to Dropbox, iCloud or another service of this kind, you like that, access your books on all your machines, both on macOS and Windows, Linux and even in total mobility since a web version is also available.

The web version can be deployed via Docker like this:

git clone https://github.com/troyeguo/koodo-reader.git
docker-compose up -d

An import / export function is also offered to save all your books and associated meta data.

Koodo is free and available here on Github.

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